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Listening now to this stereo/mono CD.

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The Rang

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Nov 12, 2006
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Garbage - Not Your Kind of People, from 2012
The Deluxe Version with four bonus tracks.

Music: Every song is good. But, while their first 2 albums each had at least 4 killers tracks, none of the 15 tracks on this disc really stands out. So, a decent album, not a great one.

Sound: Almost every track is a loud, abrasive and in your face wall of sound.
It detracts from the music.
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Quad Linda

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Jun 3, 2011
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It has a different version of Eyesight to the Blind.

Story is that Townsend delivered the masters to MoFi. He said "this is as far back as they go."

This version of Eyesight was only released previously on the first UK LP pressing.

No Who collection is complete without it.

wow. it took me MANY years to dig inView attachment 48072 . WOOOOOOOOOOOOOWW


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Sep 24, 2019
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ALL PPM albums pre 1970 are great!

I bought all the SACD'S.
My father was a musician and music was constantly played in our home. He had the first three PPM albums and they were my very first favorite albums and I'd listen to them as often as I could ... until he brought home The Beatles Rubber Soul. The Beatles became my favorite group after that. For some reason he didn't continue with the other PPM albums until their Album 1700 but that was much later after it was released. I had to discover their other albums later on my own... many years later, I started playing guitar...and I learned how to play finger picked style guitar from these Peter Paul and Mary albums...


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Jul 9, 2015
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Have you ever watched a movie or a documentary and thought to yourself I love that music, these 3 choices are not necessarily a sound track to either of those but a sound track to real life. I love it when music expands my, not gear or how does it sound, but just plain music opens me up.

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