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-Finally, a WILD CARD: Next year is the 50th anniversary of the release of the classic album "Who's Next" by The Who. Like many of you, I would love nothing more than a proper Super Deluxe Edition box set release of the album complete with new 5.1 surround (and now Dolby Atmos) mixes! Let's hope this really happens!


I don't see anything else coming from The Who in surround, Townshend seems to have lost interest. Listen to his staements at the 3:35 mark in this interview.

I don't see anything else coming from The Who in surround, Townshend seems to have lost interest. Listen to his staements at the 3:35 mark in this interview.

I wouldn't read too much into those comments.
Steven Wilson doesn't listen to too many surround mixes outside of the ones that he mixes himself.

Plus it's not just about what Townshend wants. It's also what the record company wants too.
Universal (The Who's major record label) are (right now) the biggest proponents of Dolby Atmos out of all of the major labels, and since The Who do not own any of their older recordings, it's ultimately not up to them if or how something gets released.
Now obviously Townshend can (and should) have some say over who remixes any of their recordings and how the remixes sound, but if the record label wants something to happen, it'll happen.
I doubt any of The Rolling Stones really cared that much about the Goat's Head Soup Dolby Atmos mix that came out last year, but it probably happened because it's what the record label wanted.

Contrast that with a band like Pink Floyd who do have full control over all of their publishing and recordings, which has led to the current impasse concerning "Animals" where they cannot unanimously agree on the release.
Well the years almost half over and I'm wondering what "Surprise" album or group we might get.

One or more of the early Roxy Music albums would be my fantasy Come true ...... . such as ; For Your Pleasure , Stranded , or the best of the bunch.... Country Life .
We could even see some of those solos from Bryan Ferry , Phil Manzanera, and Andy MacKay.

Even better for solos would be Brian Eno 's early albums , Another Green World ,and Here Come The Warm JETS !
or even some of Brian Eno's albums he did with David Bowie , such as Low , or his collaboration with Robert Fripp.

We could finally see a studio release from Led Zeppelin , albums one through four.

Or perhaps more from the Stones , like those missed opportunity SACD 'S that should have been in surround .
Beggars Banguet , Let It Bleed , or the Psychedlic -His Majesties Satanic Request.(all previous stereo SACD)
And the Stones early 70's classics , Sticky Fingers and, Exile On Main Street ...might also be considered.

Three important artists who need to seriously have THEIR Classic albums remixed in surround : Rod STEWART(and the Faces) , Bob Seger , and The Cars.
Also perhaps some 70's Little Feat albums.

From Cherry Red -Surround MixMaster Stephen Tayler *..might try and release in 5.1 Classic albums from Gerry Rafferty , The Kinks !, Procol Harum , 10 cc , or The Strawbs .
The Strawbs.

@Stephen W Tayler *
Fizzy you have name checked a lot of groups I loved and grew up with in the 70s. I saw Roxy then and was a big Eno fan. Burning airlines give you so much more.
I also was a Strawbs fan and saw them too. They are still releasing albums....
I’d simply love to see Strawbs “Ghosts” get a multi-channel release, same with Roxy”Country Life” SDE with a completely NUDE cover, and Stones “Sticky” SDE with XXX rated alternative cover LMAO
Well its more of a wish list for me with all those stellar albums that deserve a surround mix .
But you never know what's possible until it occurs.

And hopefully Stephen Tayler noticed that post of Cherry Red artists .
One group I'd love to see more of in surround via Cherry Red/Atomhenge are the early Hawkwind albums from the 70's.

As Devin Townsend tweeted today, he's finishing some of his multiple musical endeavours, all supposedly coming in 5.1 as well. Anyway, surround mix of Puzzle ("It's oddly devastating, in a very wonderful way. It's a mess.") is already done, so the release before year's end is more than likely.

More traditional, song-oriented album Lightwork follows next Spring, as the tour is already being booked:

Moving Pictures anniversary box set is coming (presumably) this November:
I just read something about an interview with Hugh Syme (the album cover artist) that indicates the release of the Moving Pictures set has been pushed out 2022 due to production delays. As far as I know he does not mention anything about a new surround mix or who may have mixed it. Hopefully more info will be coming soon.