LTW Studio - a first foray into Multichannel mixing


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Dec 13, 2022
Hi, I'm Andrew from Look To Windward; a New Zealand progressive rock/metal project now based in the Netherlands.
With the production of my third record almost complete I've made the leap into multichannel with the plan to release digitally in stereo AND 5.1.
After upgrading from two channel to 5.1 and placing a bunch of DIY acoustic treatment, my attic studio is now fully outfitted for 5.1 at the lowest cost I could manage. It has worked though and it sounds great so far playing back some Steven Wilson mixes I'm using for reference. I still have plans for a couple more absorption panels but it's debatable if they will make a difference; this is a strangely shaped room which makes getting a symmetrical frequency response almost impossible.

Not the prettiest cable management... :S

My gear:
3x JBL 305P MKII for LCR
2x JBL 305P for Surrounds
Presonus Eris 8 Sub
Audeze LCD-XC and Oppo PM3 headphones
Behringer UMC1820 interface
Mixing in Presonus Studio One and Nuendo
DIY Rockwool absorption panels and bass traps

If you want to check out my back catalogue Look To Windward is on Spotify and most other streamers. Also bandcamp:
Verlossen, by Look To Windward

This track is from my last record from 2019: