Marshall Blonstein of Audio Fidelity at WAX Record / Music Collecting Event Oct/24-25


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This sounds like a good thread unto itself (if one doesn't already exist). A couple other examples off the top of my head are Michael Murphy 'Swans Against the Sun' (prior album had the big hit 'Wildfire') and B.T Express 'Energy to Burn' (a previous album having the hit 'Do It (Til You're Satisfied)').

True true! Save for one uptempo twangy country banjo number (and iirc a decent enough song featuring Willie Nelson?) Swans Against The Sun struck me as a right old snoozefest when I got the Quad - I must investigate his other stuff if he had a big hit as it sounded to me like he didn't have the ability to write a hit on the strength of Swans.. but there's not much I don't like about Energy To Burn (ok, maybe that dreary long-winded version of "Now That We Found Love"..) apart from that its a hoot, it rattles along like an old car!