Meters on a Sony SQR 6650

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Jan 9, 2017
i found an sqr-8750 on craigslist for $100. went to the guy's house to check it out. sounded great and very clean (with the exception of some cigarette smell), a little static when some of the knobs were turned. i then asked what the "meter sens" button was. he hit it a couple of times to show me and POP - right front channel out. he said he didn't have the money to fix it and if i wanted to get it fixed i could have it. in the four channel mode i get sound from the other three speakers. the needle on the RF meter is pegged. when i turn off the unit the needles on the meters for the other three channels immediately drop to -20. the RF needle slowly drops. could it be a blown capacitor somewhere in that channel's signal path? if so, if i open the case will i see a leaking cap? any tips on cleaning the smell out of it? i tried using some orange scented goo gone on the case.

all help in getting this receiver working would be GREATLY appreciated!!


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Oct 24, 2018
Sorry about "going dark".
Management turned on it's employees at the agency where I worked and by late May or early June I realized there was now a target on my back, leaving me with no choice... I had to get out of there before they could destroy my reputation and make it impossible to find work elsewhere. Unfortunately, it was an ordeal that was not resolved until the week before last.
All is good now but there's still a ton of studying to do for my new job, and that doesn't include all the other Summer/Fall projects I had that were forced onto the back burner as well. Projects such as prepping our cars for Winter that obviously now have priorities higher than this project.

By the beginning of June I realized the colored gels by themselves would (could!) not give me the colors I needed to match the radio scale. I needed to further tweak the green gel color and to get that, would require tweaking the light source.

How? Well, I believe I will have to mount tri-color LEDs behind the meters in place of the fuse lamps and individually adjust each of their colors (red/blue/yellow) in order to match the the red/green colors on the radio scale.

It my be Spring or even Summer before I will have the time and energy to return to this project.
As I've said before...
Only time will tell.
Whatever became of this project?


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Nov 4, 2019
I'm wondering if sandwiching between two pieces of glass, then gently heating with a hair dryer would work? Thanks for the above. When I get around to doing mine I'll follow your method.
I straightend them out with a with towel and a hot iron.