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Jun 13, 2013
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Updated February 24 2024 - New Version 7.1.15 Released

NOTE: 7.0.0 and all future updates require the Microsoft .NET 7 Desktop Runtime to be installed on your PC. This must be installed prior to installing/running MMH 7. MMH 7 will run on Windows 11, 10 and 8 only (most tools work on Win7).

Music Media Helper 7 now includes new features, components and fixes over previous MMH versions. This is recompiled to use .NET 7 (faster) and is the code base being used to create a MacOS version of MMH. I will no longer be updating/supporting MMH version 6 or earlier.

You can download the Microsoft .NET 7 Desktop Runtime here: Download .NET 7.0 Desktop Runtime - Windows x64 Installer

Or go through this Microsoft web page here (Download the .NET Desktop Runtime 7.0.x x64 same link as above):
There is also link to download .NET 7 on the following Music Media Helper 7 installer web page:

The new MMH installer via webpage: Music Media Helper

MMH installer - Direct link:
Download then run the msi file

Latest Docs (PDF) here with Installer download link in the doc: Music Media Helper Documentation.pdf

(The PDF Table of Contents hyperlinks to the selected Title)

NOTE on Window 7 discontinued support::

The app will help anyone that plays Music Concert Videos and Audio via a Media Player, AVR, Oppo/Blu-ray Player or their PC. It's particularly useful if you use Kodi (media centre software) but most of the Tools provided will be useful for anyone here using file based playback or those wanting to move to file based playback.

Since it really just a collection of useful tools its start screen just shows the Tools (Feature) Launcher:


Updated: New Features:
  • 'Extract Audio From MKV' will convert an MKV file's high res audio into FLAC, WAV, M4A, MKA or MKV and allow auto tagging - including decoding of TrueHD, DTS-HDMA and DTS 96/24 (To FLAC or WAV) and auto/semi auto tagging and renaming of FLAC files post conversion or embedding Atmos/DTS-HDMA streams in M4A (mpeg audio containers) with full tagging. JRiver Sidecar XML tagging files now supported for MKV output
  • Media File Manager creates Excel and PDF reports directly, adds a Date (date created) and adds filters to all grid columns (you can filter your media lists by any column value or range). Reports only include visible date (non hidden rows and columns).
  • Atmos Helper tool added: Supports decoding Atmos files to multichannel WAV and encoding multichannel interleaved WAV to Atmos. (Dolby Reference Player and Dolby Media Encoder application required)
  • MPEG-H Decoder will decode MPEG-H 3D Audio in M4A and MP4 files to multichannel WAV.
  • Convert M4A files to MKA or FLAC
  • Remix Channel Layout (add silent channels and remove channels, swap front and rears etc, swap FR and SR etc)
  • Edit Channel volume (gain) in batch with optional Peak Limiter or automated Target gain
  • MMH now has an inbuilt media player to easily play/test files from MMH (the default basic player supports multichannel audio and video files but without playback controls)
  • Edit Channel Delay in batch
  • Merge MKV or MP4 video and MCH FLAC audio files to create a new MKV or MP4
  • Merge individual MKV, MKA and MP4 files to create single new Merged MKV file with chapters (chapter times are the file join times, chapter names from the file names)
  • Split MCH audio files into mono wavs in batch
  • Merge mono audio wavs to create MCH FLAC files in batch
  • Join and Split FLAC files, Create a CUE file for the merged FLACS, Change track start times, auto retag new FLACs from original files)
  • Report existing and/or add ReplayGain to FLAC files using ITU-R BS.1770 (recursively on all album folders)
  • Check for embedded album cover art and/or automatic update from folder.jpg or cover.jpg file (in the album's folder) - recursive on all album folders
  • Create CUE files from any folder’s tagged album track files
  • Batch create CUE files for all files in sub-folders recursively
  • JRiver Sidecar XML tagging files nor supported by Tagging tools, Split MKV files to Chapters, Scrape Concert folders, Extract Audio from MKV to MKV.
  • Supports MusicBrainz ID tags and DiscTitle tags
  • Split a Music Concert MKV file into chapters (individual files per song to easily play specific songs). Auto tag from online Musicbrainz database
  • Auto-renaming of Chapter files to their song titles from the original MKV file (Or copy & paste entire track list at once from clipboard)
  • Add/Edit Chapters in MKV, MKA and MP4 files including renaming manually or from MusicBrainz online database for album and concert releases. Create CUE files, change Default audio streams
  • Creating NFO (xml data) files for Kodi to load the Concert and its songs into the Kodi Music Library (supports recursive NFO creation) - JRiver Sidecar XML tagging files now supported
- Lookup tags from MusicBrainz online database

  • Ability to automatically download a Concert Videos 'Poster' (Cover art) and Fanart for the Artist (great for Kodi) - user selects desired image


  • Creating M3U playlist files for any collection of audio and video files
  • Ability to copy all the songs in any playlist to another folder/disc


  • Semi Automated Scraping (downloading) of Concert Cover art and artist fanart
  • Automatic creation of a M3U playlist for all Concerts (every song file in original sequence)
  • Automatic creation of NFO (xml data) files for Kodi to load the Concert and its songs into the Kodi Music Video Library
  • Automatic creation of CUE files for Kodi to load the Concert and its songs into the Kodi Music Library

  • Scan your Media files to create a catalog and report csv file (for importing into Excel) for all media you have (Audio, music video and Movies/TV Series) - this also shows audio sample/bit rates and video resolution (if any video)
  • A dialog to selectively copy any/all of your media to another disc (and to show what's already/not already copied)
Supports Audio and Video Media Files:


  • Extract Audio from MKV by Chapters and Convert to FLAC, M4A, WAV, MKA or MKV(supports extraction of DTS-HDMA, Atmos and TrueHD at 24/96 or higher)
  • Auto Tag converted FLAC files from MusicBrainz online database (Auto tag cover art if file 'folder.jpg' in source MKV folder)

  • Get Tags and Album art for your disc conversions

  • A dialog to re-sample any audio file (e.g. 192kHz to 96kHz) updated in 5.0.8
  • Option to 'add silent centre channel' to Quad (4.0) audio, making the audio 5.0 - Useful for many modern AVRs that play Quad as Stereo!
Remix Audio (including 7.1 to 5.1), add/remove silent channels & Inverting Phase on any channel(s) in a 6 channel (5.1) file:

Merge multiple FLACs into a single file and create a CUE file. Modify track start times, split new merged FLAC file into new track files with new times retaining existing tags

New Multichannel Volume batch editor, get DR readings, play all or selected channels:

View Channel Waveforms and play all or selected channels:

New Split Multichannel files to mono wavs (added in 4.0)

New Merge mono wavs to MCH FLAC (added in 4.0)

New Merge MKV or MP4 video with FLAC audio (added in 4.0)

  • Fix Channel Delay in FLAC, WAV and DSF files (new in 4.1.0

Merge individual MKV, MKA and MP4 files into a single merged MKV file with chapters created at the file join times, chapter titles are the file names:

Runs on Windows Only
Requires Microsoft .NET 7 Desktop Runtime (x64). (which should already be installed on most Windows 10, 8 and 7). If not it should auto install during the web based MMH install. Or you can pre-install from this Microsoft link:
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I've updated the beta app today:

- Added a new tool to add chapters to MKV files that don't have chapters, including using text data for chapters from chapter (allows them to by split with this app)

- Splitting MKVs into individual files per chapter now automatically uses any chapter names found in the source MKV (the one chosen to split) for file names (can still be manually edited too)

- Fixed a few bugs and tidied up the UI where required.

Those with the beta download link can resuse to download latest version. I also updated the PDF info (in previous link above)
Great work! :)

Could a moderator kindly change this to a sticky? Thanks in advance!
I've updated the beta app again today:

  • Media File Manager has new option to delete media sub-folders from the 'Destination Folder'
  • Added a new 'Batch Creation' option to Scrape Concert Videos in a semi-automated way (recursive scrape on all concert sub-folders)
  • Bugs squashed

Those with the beta download link can reuse to download latest version.
Beta 8 just released.

- Added new Checkbox Option in the Media File Manager to generate a CSV file of every media file (song tracks) for Music (Audio only) and Music Video with codec info
- A few performance improvements when scanning media files and copying/deleting files.
- Fixed bug when Copying TV Series seasons
- Fixed bug for non-tagged audio files
- If no 'Album Artist' tag use 'Artist' tag
- Always add 'Artist' to playlists songs if the playlist contains multiple artists
- If files are not tagged attempt to get Artist from the folder structure (for audio: \ARTIST\ALBUM\files for music video: \ARTIST - ALBUM\files)

For the beta testers, please use your previous download link (Just copy the new files over existing files)

I also updated the PDF info: LINK
I've added splitting of MKV and extraction of audio to FLAC including lossless DTS-HDMA at 96/24 with added feature of grabbing the album track information from the MusicBrainz online database to tag the flac files without any data entry (if the album is found, otherwise you can manually edit or copy a track list from the clipboard, all track titles at once).

Additionally, if there is a jpg file named 'folder.jpg' in the same folder as the source MKV it gets tagged into each FLAC as the album cover automatically.

I did a test today on a 47 minute MKV (from a BDA) and all the DTS-HDMA tracks were extracted to 96/24 FLACs and tagged in 2:37. The same MKV with AudioMuxer took 3:37 (without any tags being edited just split extracted to FLAC), probably an additional couple of minutes to enter tag info at a guess.

I still have another couple of code tweaks and some final testing and looking for beta testers. Please PM me and I'll provide a download link (Windows only).
Its time I gave this a software a spin. As I've been ripping MC audio for months now I've also stockpiled a lot of the available videos from the various DVDA/V/BRD disks. Its time to organize them now that only new acquisitions need to be ripped.

Homer, thanks so much.

PM sent for the link
Just doing final testing on the DTS-HDMA Conversion to FLAC and will send links to the download to those members that have PM'ed me within 24hrs:

Here's a screenshot of the new 'Split MKV to Audio' tool with these features:

  • Supports DTS-HDMA and TrueHD (lossless hi-res) and DTS 96/24 conversion to FLAC (Ideal for BDA and DTS Audio DVDs with DTS 96/24)
  • Auto tagging from MusicBrainz server (based on Artist and Album names - either manually entered or if MKV file is named in format: Artist - Album
  • Auto tagging of all FLAC files with cover art if there is a 'folder.jpg' file in the source MKV folder


Edit: In the example above I named the MKV file: INXS - Kick.mkv and Music Media Helper auto populated the Album Artist and Album text boxes then automatically searched MusicBrainz for the album filling in all other text boxes. As the MKV was being split into chapters and converted to FLAC it automatically filled in the grid with proposed file name and tags based on the MusicBrainz data. Everything you see above was done automatically after I selected the MKV file (no manual data entry except renaming the MKV file before running MMH).

If you have a list of tracks (you copy the entire list with CTRL-C and can Paste Tracks from Clipboard to all the grid rows in one click with 'Paste Tracks from Clipboard' button

Workflow: First convert your BDA or DVDV disc to an MKV file (e.g. MakeMKV) selecting your audio track(s) you want to convert to FLAC, then run the MMH App and use the Convert MKV to FLAC tool (above)

Updated PDF docs here LINK (the new MKV to Audio conversion tool at the end)

Questions: This could also convert to WAV format. Does anyone need WAV?
I've read FFmpeg used by MMH also supports encoding to MLP. Is that something QQ'ers would use?
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Thanks HomerJAU! Looking forward to Mac release, and being a local giuy put my hand up for testing on this platform when ready.

Hi Woody,

What specific features/tools in Music Media Helper would you want on Mac? (Order of preference and I'll take a look at the technicalities).

Hi Garry,

The 'audio tools' looks like a massive timesaver. Also the ability to scrape 'fan art' .

I am yet to receive my Raspberry Pi in the mail for my Kodi set-up..

My request therefore is somewhat uninitiated in context.

Thanks for asking!
Hi Garry,

This looks brilliant, takes all the hassle out of backing up those precious discs. I'll download it once I'm back in the UK.

BTW I'll be going to FLAC, as works well for me.


Music Media Helper 3.0 is now available for general use:

This requires the Microsoft .NET 4.6 which should be installed already on your Windows PC if you have been accepting updates (Windows 7 SP 1 minimum).

Download App zip file:
EDIT: Link is now in the Docs (Install Section)

To install just create a new folder on your desktop, unzip/copy zip contents to the new folder. Double-click on 'Music Media Helper.exe' to run

PDF User Docs here: Media Helper Documentation.pdf

Any issues or suggestions for new tools or changes can be posted here (or PM me)

There's a guy over on the Hoffman board who's posted his recipe for his favorite flavor of Foobar2000. And all these scripts, decoder programs, video and editing homemade brews over here.

Geez, if I spent all day downloading all of these to try and make my projects easier...I wouldn't have any time to DO any of them. I'd just fritter my free time away trying to set all of these up.

Thanks again for all the heavy lifting, Gary.
A new version of Music Media Helper released today with a couple of fixes:
- Resampling Grid not displaying bit depth and sample rate correctly
- Scraping a Music Concert crash on release selection (in certain circumstances)

To update just download new zip, unzip/copy zip file contents and overwrite files in your existing MMH folder.