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i made single layer wavs for each atmos channel and want to make now an atmos again from this single wavs.

Few sites before you said that single wavs must be convertet to one wav.

I use this syntax for 7.1.4 configuration:

"C:\Program Files\Music Media Helper 7\ffmpeg.exe" -i 01.L.wav -i 02.R.wav -i 03.C.wav -i 04.LFE.wav -i 05.Ls.wav -i 06.Rs.wav -i 07.Lrs.wav -i 08.Rrs.wav -i 09.Lfh.wav -i 10.Rfh.wav -i 11.Lrh.wav -i 12.Rrh.wav -filter_complex "[0:a][1:a][2:a][3:a][4:a][5:a][6:a][7:a][8:a][9:a][10:a][11:a]amerge=inputs=12[a]" -map "[a]" MCH.wav

I take for serie L, R, C, LFE, Ls, Rs, Lrs, Rrs, Lfh, Rfh, Lrh, Rrh

Is everthing like this correct?
You can’t make an Atmos file from mono wavs but you can remix the monos to a multichannel interleaved wav.

if you are planning to encode your MCH wav to Atmos using the Dolby Media Encoder (or via the MMH Atmos Helper) then your ffmpeg command line looks good.
I demuxed it with MMH Atmos Helper and want to encode with it same. Because I made some changings in the mono wavs.

Yes the mono wavs I want to remix in a multichannel wave with this syntax.

The order of the channels and the syntax is right so?
In order here is sides before rears or not?

From eac3to I got SL, SR and BL, BR. From MMH Atmos Helper I got Ls, Rs and Lrs, Rrs.

I think it is SL = Ls, SR = Rs, BL = Lrs and BR = Rrs.
In order here is sides before rears or not?

Yes. The Dolby Atmos channel order is sides before rears as you have done.

MMH uses Dolby Channel naming (a request from a user) when it creates mono decoded channel files. If you look at the MMH PDF it also uses the Dolby naming in MMH Atmos Helper documentation.

Your command line is correct. Ffmpeg does not care about the file names only the order in the command line.
Can you turn on -no2ndpass during decode atmos?
Because I see after I decode EAC3 atmos sound, the volume is reduced compared to the root of about 5dB, adding -no2ndpass will avoid reducing the volume.
Can you turn on -no2ndpass during decode atmos?

I’ve not seen that option. I quick search shoes eac3to has that option but MMH doesn’t use eac3to. It’s using the DRP to decode Atmos, whereas eac3to decodes the 5.1 bed/core only (my understanding). Thoughts?
I increased it manually by 5dB after decoding and sure enough, the sound was as vibrant as the original after recoding to atmos. Audio eac3 has this problem, TrueHd does not. If you can fix it, if not then it's okay, just one more step to compare to see how much the sound has decreased and then increase it.
I believe it's the dialnorm being applied to reduce the volume. If the dialnorm value of the track is -27, you can add +4.0 channel gain and you'll get the proper level. eac3 tracks almost invariably have dialnorm. TrueHD tracks rarely have dialnorm (such as Birds of Prey -22dn).
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I tried to add an english atmos from a track and received an error message like "Atmos decoder failed" > "the value cannot be an empty string".

I tried all with mka and new thd+ac3 with eac2to tool. Nothing helped.

Can you please help me to solve this problem?
Can you please reply? I think it's a bug in the tool...
Apologies, I did not see your original post.

I’ll need more information to help you. You can PM me with a link to an uploaded file for me to test/debug, or you can copy the Atmos stream data from the free application ‘MediaInfo’ which may give a clue.

You should also ensure you are using the latest version of MMH.

MMH uses the Dolby Reference Player to decode Atmos streams and that cannot decode streams that have been cut (split by chapters).
I use MMH version 7.2.10.
Dolby Reference Player version 3.2.0

It's just a remuxed english atmos from web.

See screens in attach.


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Try removing the dots (.) in the file name: rename The.Lion.King.mka to The Lion King.mka

The DRP rejects many characters, it’s possible . is one more.

Also please update to the MMH version 7.1.14

Does the decode work if you uncheck ‘Mono WAVs’ option (try that after removing dots from file name)
Tried all but nothing worked. Tried also several channel output formats.

I tried with last version from here. Always same error
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