Nektar: Remember The Future (50th Anniversary Set with New 5.1 Mix and 70s Quad Mix on Blu-Ray!)


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Ok, my friends, My first impressions on the 2023 STEREO Remix (by Ben Wisen) of Remember The Future:

1 - Guitars and vocals are more upfront. You can hear all the layers crystal clear and more "fat"

2 - Some bass lines was smoothed too much. I think the original mixes have more definition and bite. The New Stereo Mixes it's sometimes get lost in the mix and lose impact in important parts of the song.

3 - Organ and Drums almost the same. But i still preferer how the drums sounds on the original, a little more open.

4 - The position of the instruments in the stereo image and all the effects is very respectful to the original.

So, the new mixes don't substitute the orignal mixes. In my humble opinion nobody can improve whats it's already perfect.RTF is a masterpiece of audio engineering.

While in hearing i keep asking if this new Stereo Mixes was really done using the all the original multitracks or is a downmix from the original Quad.

Anyway, for the Stereo lovers, now we have another take/prism of the album. Sure guitar aficionados will love. I'm glad that the Original Stereo Mixes are also available in the pack. The Remaster sounds pretty good. No satanic compression or limiting.

Now i will hear the live tracks. Cheers!
How does the 5.1 remix compare to the old 4.0 mix (which was repurposed to 5.1 in 2004)?
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How does the 5.1 remix compare to the old 4.0 mix?
Can't say for me. But i found it on the Nektar Facebook Group:


Eddie Yesongs

Finding the discussions on the CD /2.0 versions on the new box interesting, but if the point of the exercise was to present the ultimate version of RtF in the studio I think the Quad layer of the Blu-ray is a huge success.
I had a boot DVD that was sourced from the original quad vinyl that I had been raving about for years, this is sourced from the master tapes, so better and beyond other level
You are sitting in the middle of Chipping Norton Studio with Roye, Ron, Mo, and Taff surrounding you playing the album as it was recorded on the LP. Its like they were there with you, every note crystal clear, separate, and distinct - voices, harmonies, all of it, its that intimate
I think this mix was light years ahead of its time, I’d put it up against anything Wilson or anything anyone else has done as far as a surround treatment, from the first notes it just grabs you, and I think it even surpasses the new 5.1 version which is not at all bad, but seems a lot more restrained in comparison"
Got mine along with my Camel box today and so far everything is far out and groovy as I welcome back an even better musical version of the 70's. Everything great about music in the 70's with super modern high :smokindefinition playback, it only took about 50 years for the hardware to catch up with the software! So far the 5.1 sounds really good...but the Quad is next level killer :bowing: don't know how well it stacks up with the old SACD yet but one thing I do know is I understand my equipment a lot better these days so I know I am hearing everything at the best quality my system can give me. So ROCK on babies!
$57 on Amazon right now....
Wow! Dammit. My copy from Walmart is arriving today. At the time I ordered from was cheapest price. Last couple years, Amazon has historically NOT been cheaper than others.
Those of us ordering at this price will not get it until next year, and pay extra shipping, so...
Yeah, I see that now, coming from England. OK, I'm happy again. lol
As long as I feel I got a decent price (based on the full price), I don't let the fact that I didn't get the best price get me down. In most cases you still got a great deal compared to the full price, and the difference between the price you paid and the lowest price isn't that great. There are exceptions of course.

The trend some of these deluxe editions are following makes it hard to bite on them until after their release date. As and example, no one that bought that Who box for $300 has to feel good about it. It wasn't too difficult to get it almost half that price by waiting and shopping around. Even worse, Pink Floyd releasing the stand-alone BR for $20 vs $300 for those that bought the box set. BTW, I've seen that box set for around $200, as well.

On the other hand, if it sells out quick, and it's something that you really wanted......

We are starting to get the same thrills as gamblers. LOL

Edit.. I ordered from Walmart as well. Hopefully mine will arrive today as well but, damn, am I backed up with music. What a great problem to have.
Edit.. I ordered from Walmart as well. Hopefully mine will arrive today as well [...]
My Nov 23 Wally pre-order hasn't been shipped. They could not confirm my cancellation today due to the possibility it is being "prepared" 🤷‍♂️ Placed an Amazon order.
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