Zappa - Over-Nite Sensation 50th (New Atmos & 5.1 mixes, plus Quad mix on Blu-Ray!)


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And the all important who done what...

One thing I noticed about this album in Atmos is Zappa's vocals comes out of the center, side surrounds, rear surrounds, and front height speakers. There are none in the front mains or rear heights. They give him kind of a "Central Scrutinizer" spread over everything on his vocals on this album, and I'm not entirely sure if I really like that particular aspect. Seems a bit much to constantly have Zappa's voice mostly everywhere.

That one thing aside, I think it's absolutely amazing and I love it!
Finally laying my ears on this in 5.1

It's excellent. They managed to stay true to the original stereo mix (degree of presence for the various elements), and yet brought out a boatload of detail and even had fun with some very interesting rear channel choices. The vocal mixing in particular, with the various wide pans used, works perfectly.
Earlier in this thread, I was mostly positive about this Atmos mix after one listen on Apple Music. I ordered the discs and just listened to the Blu-ray Atmos. I enjoyed it even more than the first listen. I'm curious if I was perceiving a bump in audio quality (I haven't really looked into the specs of Apple streaming vs Blu-ray). Regardless, I am enjoying the mix choices much more than Waka/Wazoo. Again, still not my favorite Zappa material, but it is undeniably fun at times.
Yes OT. I do have the quad vinyl of this and would be interested in the box set at a better price. With Zappa I find I'm a fan of his music but not of his humor.