Nektar: Remember The Future (50th Anniversary Set with New 5.1 Mix and 70s Quad Mix on Blu-Ray!)


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then you probably saw one of the many SQ versions that weren't marked as SQ, as per the discography.

If it was then , that bodes well for the album always being encoded .

BTW the copy I had seen was sealed and was a Bellaphon Bacillus release.

You should note that I had a copy of the 2nd album ...UK version...and the stamper on both sides were The Bellaphon Bacillus ones , however the number on one side was vacant of the 'Q' , to confirm quad.
Cherry Red now shows this out of stock.

Importcds no longer lists it for sale.

The big USA retailers seem to be sourcing all orders from the UK, with long delivery times.
Walmart price up to $82.
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