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Sep 24, 2016
Copenhagen, DK
Some day you folks need to update that server, it's just too slow and spotty.
I have a 500 mbps down pipe here and your streams always start/stop and are
very slow. It took about 5 minutes to get the 2.2 gb 5.1ch file down.
I'm not complaining, I love the whole way of selling you folks use.
Just commenting on the server problem. ;)
Yeah! On a bad day they are slow unfortunately. Fees for storage and transfer of those big files are on the other hand very expensive if fast servers. So we tend not to use too many of them (only albums often downloaded) that would lead to we had to pay for each transfer or the artist get less.
So this is for now the best balace we have supporting the artists and not loose money in the same time.


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Feb 1, 2015
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I'm very pleased to release Keith Hopcroft's new album 'Day Trip' in hi-rez 5.1, quad & stereo FLAC. Check out the 5.1 teaser on:
The quad mix will have one more instrument moving around as a tribute to the 1970’ties quad mixes.

Back in 21. July 2017 Keith album 'Route Secondaire' was released as the first surround mix I made for others. The new album 'Day Trip' has been even more suitable for surround mix, with a lot of (none lyric) vocals for many of the tracks.

It will also be released in a few days as BD-R Blu-ray (with still pictures) and on a combi BD-R Blu-ray with both albums Day Trip & Route Secondaire (without still pictures)
Free CD’s can be added for those purchasing a Keith Hopcroft Blu-ray AND 3 more Blu-rays from AND add under checkout the comment like: “+CD’s please”
Just purchased the download but it brings an only one Flac file with the entire album?