New Hi-Res Atmos Download: Jackie Venson "Evolution Of Joy"


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For those of you that are also interested in the other end of the spectrum, I think there are a few copies of the vinyl version left from Austin's Try Hard Coffee. Vinyl/bespoke coffee/ATMOS. I cut the lacquers for this series, and do the ATMOS mixing. It's the most fun a person can have with their clothes on! Try Hard Jackie Venson Vinyl Release


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Saw Jackie perform at Daryl's House (Daryl Hall's club in Pawling, NY) about 4 years ago. It was a Sunday Brunch - maybe 10 people in the club at the time. She was solo (utilizing looping as her "backup band"). She was a very engaging performer and a helluva guitar player. Had a nice chat with her afterwards when I learned she was from Austin. Great to see her having some success now - she recently sold out 2 nights at Antone's - not too shabby.
How cool. I saw her perform on a Xumo channel called Austin Music Live, a 24/7 channel that would sometimes stream live shows from a club (One2One, I believe) in Austin on the weekends. Her and her band were really good. Gonna have to check out this.
I just got in a listen yesterday, and wow! I really like her. Fresh lyrics, nice style.
Thought the autotune was a bit overdone, but otherwise I loved the album.
A very talented lady. Just on a first listen, I especially liked "See You In The Next Life".
Good stuff indeed. My favorite is “I Will Find A Way.” A nice, non gimmicky surround mix to boot.
Thanks for sharing the link to that very enlightening blog post. Of course, while it's really all about greed, I also wonder if there is some nuance at play. For instance, are the venues that an artist like Ms. Venson is playing for the first time trying to limit their financial risk by cutting into what should rightly be her portion of the show profits? And, along, those same lines, are those venues more willing to have a more equitable split of the profits once the artist has already played there one or more times and, thus, demonstrated that they can expect a large turnout for that artist's shows? For instance, I would imagine that a venue like Antone's would be conducive to an equitable financial arrangement with Ms. Venson given that her shows there have time and again generated large audiences every time she takes the stage. I'm not saying that the artist should suffer a financial hit any time he or she plays a new venue. Rather, I'm just wondering, as a member of the audience, how the financial power dynamics work. And again, this is no excuse for bad behavior, but I wonder if the situation might ease once the venues recover from their pandemic losses vs whether the trend, once established, will then just continue unabated (all the while, we should also remember that the artists themselves incurred tremendous income losses during the pandemic).

The record business obviously is not as lucrative for artists as it once was, and streaming, as we all know, has a business model that pays artists less than pennies on the dollar. With that in mind, I have tried, whenever I can, to buy physical and digital media (and, occasionally, merch) directly from the artists themselves via their official websites. In the big picture, as QQers know, less famous artists like Jackie Venson and Mary Fahl are their own "niche" as it were, as there are very few Beyonces or Taylor Swifts out there who are able to fill stadiums and, thus, generate huge profits.