Newly Announced SACD Titles At (Joni Mitchell, Whitney Houston and Warren Zevon)


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But have these new releases been put through the negative sonic impact of a analog transfer? What is the true provinace of these Disc's? Are they hiding something? :unsure::cry:🤪
I have all listed MOFI SACD's on there 8 pages.
I am going to pass on all the Joni Mitchell, Whitney Houston, not a big fan of either. I did get the three archive Joni Mitchell recent box sets which have all those albums stereo RBCD I don't listen that much.
Warren Zevon, I have the stereo SACD Audio Fidelity version, good enough.
Some of these record company's are really trying to bleed us, while at the same time releasing all in streaming versions, it's all too much.
Regarding Van Halen, so far the gold standard are the HDTracks versions, but I am curious if MOFI can top the 24 bit HiRes of HDTracks.

What does sold out vs out of stock mean?
Sold Out, means they don't have any to sell.
Out Of Stock means they don't have any to sell.

Does one or the other mean they will repress? Probably Out Of Stock means they will repress?
When ARE the U.S. reissue companies [MoFi/AP/Intervention Records/Craft Recordings/PS Audio's Octave Records] going to realize that Dutton Vocalion and now even SONY
Japan are releasing stunning multichannel SACDs for either WAY less [D~V] and on par [SONY JAPAN] with their STEREO ONLY SACDs and that ATMOS is literally HERE TO STAY.