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Oct 31, 2008
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Please post your thoughts and comments on this 2016 release containing a 5.1 surround mix of the album "Scintilla" by the band Nosound.
This CD/Blu-Ray release is available to order through the band's official online store: https://www.burningshed.com/store/nosound/product/44/7605/

Special shout-out in the liner notes to the 'amazing people at QQ' and in particular: Duncan S, Neil P, Neil W, Tim M, and Bob R



So up front I'm going to say I'm a big fan of Nosound, if you've never heard them, but like King Crimson's "Islands" I'd say you'd like this album. I 'road tested' the disc for Giancarlo, so I 'know' the album. But I deliberately hadn't listened to it since the last test in July until today when my copy arrived, as I wanted to hear it 'afresh'.

So I haven't altered my opinion, I think that this is their strongest album yet. The songs are strong, and the music and lyrics are very emotive, and as always superb musicianship from all involved. So a 10 for the music. The fidelity is good, so a 10 there too, and the surround mix is very immersive, nothing 'flashy', and I'm still hearing subtle things in the production & arrangements I missed before, so 10 for that to. The stills and videos with each song add something too. So an overall strong 10 from me.
I'm on my 3rd play thru and for me it 's a very very very solid 10 - I love the music and mood to it so much. The 5.1 is superb in both fidelity and sound placement, my main 5.1 room is in the same with the computer and this is one where I stop what I'm doing and just listen...all the way through...just loving it. Can't find any real fault with this one.
I awarded Scintilla a VERY Solid 9. Actually, turn on the projector or TV and watch/listen to it. It's a wonderful experience. The video runs the entire length of the album. Some very stunning imagery.

Probably the BEST $11 I ever spent. A very class act package.

A Huge thank you to Giancarlo and fellow bandmates and thanks for choosing the BD~A format. Something for EVERYONE...and a RBCD for your car!

http://www.importcds.com/scintilla/802644832777 Includes the BD~A/RBCD in a hardbound case.
I've listened to the disc twice, all the way through. It sounds wonderful, and the songs are nice and melancholy, which is fine by me. It plays into my rainy day moodiness. Not a disc I would play when I want to rock, but rather a disc to play for myself. Fidelity and mix are both very good. Song writing (lyrics) are awesome, again, sometimes sad. I voted a 9. PS - excellent production on this one. Nice package and nice presentation while listening. Love it. Nice work Nosound!
I gave this disc a well-deserved vote of '9', breaking down my vote as such:

Content: 2.5/3
Surround Mix: 2.5/3
Fidelity: 3/3
High-Res Disc: 1/1

It feels like this album is a new peak for nosound. Not all of the songs are truly spectacular, but enough of them are to where most of you should stand up and take notice of this disc, especially at such a great price! Highly recommended! :)
I've just had my third listen through of this excellent disc. A quality product as ever from this superb band, its a really nice package, with photos and videos on screen to go along with the songs, and amazing value too! Its probably my favourite album of their's so far in terms of songs. I'm especially loving The Perfect Wife (reminds me of Hawkwind at times) and Scintilla (good use of additional strings and wind instruments on this one). Very immersive mix, and great fidelity too. All instruments nice and clear, and as with their last one I love the drum sound. A very strong 9 from me (y)
Wow!!! Amazing album in every sense: music, quality visuals, high resolution presentation (Blu-ray very well exploited), 5.1 mix discrete and immersive, fidelity, outstanding videos, price.... what else can I ask?! It's evident the interest and pleasure Nosound has put in this album. Thank you!! A 10 for me!
I went with a much deserved 10. Sonically, mix wise, content - this is everything you could hope for, all wrapped up in an easily affordable package. Other labels/artists take notice: This is how you do it!

Musically, this is Nosound's most accomplished yet. I love it. As Gos says, this isn't a rocker. Atmospheric, melancholic, sad and beautiful. But when you're in the right mood, this music fits perfectly. Good job to all of those involved, and thanks to the QQ elite, for their keen eyes and ears and helping out with the quality assurance :)
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Stunningly beautiful music presented in a well designed package with absolutely top notch sound. Hard to beat.
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Bonus points for being on blu-ray! Triple bonus points for including the gorgeous music videos in the flux of the album and in surround!!!
I found something out about this while playing it, sorry if someone else has mentioned elsewhere, when you choose the main album surround sound and the album finishes it automatically plays the four bonus tracks/videos in stereo, BUT, if you choose the bonus tracks only you can play them in surround!