Peter Gabriel Back To Front Live in London, various formats


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Soon Peter Gabriel will release Back To Front Live In London. From Superdeluxeeditions,

This concert film of this show is released on DVD and blu-ray in June 2014 with both formats available in standard and deluxe configurations. The normal editions are standard one-disc affairs, but it gets more interesting with the deluxe editions which come packaged as 60-page photo-books and are four-discs sets.

The deluxe Blu-ray (or DVD) comes with two CDs of the complete Back to Front show, which includes the first ever complete live performance of the So album and a bonus Blu-ray (or DVD) which offers the 93 min theatrical version of the Back to Front concert film (showing in selected cinemas at the moment) which has some significant differences to the home video edit, including montage versions of Solsbury Hill and Sledgehammer featuring footage from live shows across the years as well as additional interviews.

The deluxe versions have 258 minutes of video content, while the standard versions have 142 minutes of video. Both have either DTS-HD High Res Audio or Dolby Digital/DTS depending on whether you opt for Blu-ray or DVD.

Amongst the bonus features will be The Visual Approach a behind-the-scenes featurette on how they put the Back to Front live show together.

4 disc edition has the most content obviously. Although the Euro price has increased a bit since the first pre-order date, it is still a reasonable price.

Anybody have this?

Is there a surround mix on it and if so how is it?
For US residents:
Barnes & has the BEST price I have seen on the deluxe Blu-Ray set so far! ($43.54)
I just used an extra 20% off coupon to get it for $35! (plus tax)

Just got this set today, and it far surpasses any other PG concert film I have seen! (including Athens 87, Secret World, and Growing Up)
The big highlights for me are STUNNING versions of some of my favorite tracks from PG3 & 4, including "Family Snapshot", "No Self Control", and (especially) "The Family and the Fishing Net"!
The SO set is great as well.
The 4-disc Blu-Ray set gets you 2 Blu-Rays and 2CDs, pretty much giving me everything I would want from a set like it from the tour, whereas the New Blood live set left off half of the live show on CD and didn't include the 3D Blu-Ray. (Plus don't get me started on the "So" Anniversary set…)
Plus the packaging is excellent while not too big. It fits perfectly on my shelf with the other "digibook" Blu-Rays I have collected over the years.

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Oh and one other thing:

This is NOT an immersive 360 surround mix. It's mostly band in front and audience all around, but the fidelity is FANTASTIC! 96k 24 bit PCM Stereo and DTS-HD 5.1 :)
Watched this tonight in 4K on my LG OLED TV and the video is absolutely STUNNING! Much better than the reviews would suggest. Audio, even in DTS~HD MA 5.1 is likewise astounding with some definite discrete elements interspersed throughout.

Gabriel is in AMAZING voice and that he sustains the momentum for 2 hours and 16 minutes is NO SMALL FEAT.

Highest Recommendation for all Peter Gabriel fans.....and the performance of the entire SO album is MOMENTOUS!

Not to mention, the staging is impeccable and the camera work first rate!

And at AmazonUS' current price of $20 ..... an absolute STEAL!

What are you waiting for???????
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