PLEX player - on which platform could I play TrueHD Atmos and transcode Multichannel DSD?


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Aug 30, 2003
I bought the AppleTV 4K because of the Atmos content in Apple Music. Which is nice, but...
At first I hoped that this could be my media player for "everything". I have audio and video files on my Synology NAS, where a Plex server is running.
My intention is, to leave SACDs in the DSF format, and to transcode them on the fly. (For pure DSD experience, I'll take the SACD player). The Plex app on the AppleTV does that quite well, and 5.1 stays 5.1.
But as we know, MKVs with Dolby Atmos in TrueHD are not supported by the AppleTV box.
I've tried my Intel NUC 8 with the PLEX HTPC Windows app: TrueHD is fine, but DSD is converted by the server to OPUS in stereo only.
Plex on top of KODI would work there - but is a pain to use. The NUC HDMI doesn't allow CEC remote, and the player isn't controllable from my PLEX app on the smartphone.
So I took out my Raspberry Pi 3 B+ again - with Plex on top of KODI. It tries to decode DSD, but is not powerful enough. Atmos doesn't work anymore, because I see only ALSA and pulse drivers in KODI now. In earlier times KODI had a direct access to PI:HDMI, which seems to be gone now? Anyway - it's not powerful enough.
Is an NVDIA Shield the only option to cover everything? And I still end with "Plex for Kodi" there?

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