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Aug 13, 2015
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Really torn on how to vote. I am more of a Stupid Dream / Lightbulb Sun era fan of PT but I still can appreciate the harder edge version of PT.

The music hers is pretty much a continuation of the band's Lava & Roadrunner era style. There isn't much progression on that front aside from Gavin's drumming features SO prominently in the mix. Not a bad thing but when I am listening I become a little distracted and think it is Gavin Harrison show.

The surround mixes are up to SW's usual high standards. Incredibly disappointed that the bonus cuts & instrumental versions are not offered in the package.
If this was anything other than a SW lead project, I might understand (remain frustrated - but understand). He has certainly changed his approach or is letting the labels dictate content. By any means - Highly disappointing to the point of it maybe unreasonably affecting my enjoyment of the new album. Just being honest.

My true dilemma - how does the exorbitant cost, lack of alternate physical product options, and a skimpy content-to-cost value factor into voting and should it?

As to the music:
Surround Mix - 10
Fidelity - 9
Musical Composition - 8

As to the Package:
Content - 1 Extremely weak to the price point

So maybe an 8?
You can award 0 points for content, if you feel the value isn't there. I'm inclined to.
I don't like the album musically, much, either...


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Jan 1, 2010
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I can't see wanting more height usage on this title - guitars, vocals, keys, synth percussion, and all kinds of other elements find their way up there. "Walk The Plank" is my go-to track for showing off Atmos to new listeners.


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Jul 19, 2017
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I voted 7.

I like the music, but it's not the sort of album I would listen to more than 4 or 5 times. I like Harridan, Herd Culling, Walk the Plank, but I also like the bonus tracks. Surprisingly, they are offered in stereo only, which doesn't sound very deluxe. Same for the packaging, a lot of photos, and not enough written information, essays, etc.

Nothing to complain about the atmos mix, which is immersive, and the audio quality is good as usual.

In my view, this doesn't deserve more than a 7, given that music could be 6.5, packaging 5, mix 9.


Aug 21, 2022
Sure, but there is also a 5.1 mix. Regardless, the qualifier for a good Atmos mix isn't really heavy use of tops. Atmos is more about an immersive bubble of sound. Not everyone is into that, I agree.
True. Some Atmos mixes are very top heavy with nothing in rears, that is not great IMO.


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Sep 17, 2012
As a long time fan of PT and Steven Wilson, this one was tough to rate.

Surround Mixes: 9
Both the 5.1 and Atmos mixes are, as to be expected, excellent. But in direct comparison, IMHO Atmos really blows the 5.1 mix away. The addition of the height channels plus the separate side and rear channels, which Steven Wilson aggressively uses, results in an often stunning, immersive listen. Atmos is by far the best way to experience this release.

Musical Content: 7
While I like the album and it is growing on me, I don't think it's better than the final string of albums before the hiatus: In Absentia, Deadwing, Fear Of A Blank Planet, and The Incident. PT has a very strong, varied discography and I think this one falls somewhere in the middle tier. In other words, if I were to pull out a PT album to demo to someone (or just listen to), C/C would not be the first one I'd grab.

Deluxe Packaging/Content: 1
The cardboard slot disc packaging and the softbound book with obscured photos and very little info simply exudes cheapness. But the nearly empty blu-ray is the worst aspect of this so-called "deluxe" package, especially for the premium price. Not including the 3 bonus tracks, or instrumentals, or videos, or any of the AIR Studio sessions material on the blu-ray is deeply disappointing and breaks sharply with previous PT deluxe release precedent.

Overall: 7 - primarily for the surround mixes
I'll be seeing the band in a few weeks and will be interested to see if the live performance encourages me to re-evaluate the material.


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Jan 9, 2013
I'm voting "6".

Life in Surround Review!

Very much appreciate your candor, Mike and agree if SW had included the bonus tracks and instrumentrals in ATMOS/5.1 on the huge real estate afforded by the BD~A format it would've increased its value....exponentially!

Even though it has been said, Wilson does not revisit past albums, perhaps enough music lovers will rebel against the omissions and he'll renege and release a stand alone BD~A at a sane price which includes ALL.

Sittin' this one out!


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Jul 1, 2005
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I struggle a bit with how to give this a just rating. I didn't think any of the pre-release songs were great though not bad either. Hearing the album in it's (deluxe) entirety a lot though made more sense and the music and execution are pretty dang good. Richard's work is great, and just enhances my feelings about what some of the SW solo albums were missing.

I've played the surround a few times, played the 2ch many times in the car and in the AirPods while doing my early morning power-walks...

Songs and execution are really good, but please....the falsetto is WAY overused. I little here and there can work, but practically every song....no, just no. Not having the bonus tracks in MC...lazy and cheap, not what I expect from a SW/PT "Deluxe" set at all, he ought to know better than that....not like time was an issue for stuff that has been brewing for 10 years and what with lockdown time etc...just no excuse.

So, I dunno...what to rate...

Music...probably a 9
surround mix...probably a 9.5 as well
Leaving out the extras get a big minus

So maybe a generous 8 overall for a disc that should have and could have easily been a 9 or 10