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Q8 Tapes for Sale


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Apr 21, 2002
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Trying, once again, to thin out my collection of Q8 tapes - prices are somewhat negotiable, (especially for bulk buys) but everything here is priced lower than what you'd currently pay on eBay.

America 'Hearts' $15
Argent 'In Deep' $20
Art Garfunkel 'Angel Clare' $15
Barbra Streisand 'Live Concert at The Forum' $10
Billy Paul '360 Degrees' (writing on label) $25
Billy Paul 'War of the Gods' $15
Blood Sweat and Tears 'Blood Sweat and Tears' $20
Blood Sweat and Tears 'Mirror Image' $15
Blood Sweat and Tears 'New City' $20
Bloomfield/Kooper/Stills 'Super Session' $15
Buddy Miles Express 'Booger Bear' $10
B.W. Stevenson 'Calabasas' (sealed) $10
Carpenters 'Now and Then' $20
Carlos Santana & Alice Coltrane 'Illuminations' $15
Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles 'Live!' $15
Carole King 'Tapestry' $15
Chase 'Chase' $15
Chase 'Pure Music' $20
Chet Atkins 'Superpickers' $10
Don Sebesky 'Giant Box' (2 Tapes) $40
Donald Byrd 'Black Byrd' (Canadian Gold Cartridge) $15
Donald Byrd 'Street Lady' $10
Earth Wind and Fire 'Open Our Eyes' $20
Elvis Presley 'Elvis As Recorded at Madison Square Garden' $20
Frank Sinatra 'The Main Event - Live' $15
Floyd Cramer 'With The Music City Pops' $8
Gordon Lightfoot 'Sundown' $15
Guess Who 'Best of The Guess Who Volume II' $20
Guess Who 'Rockin' $20
Helen Reddy 'I Am Woman' $10
Helen Reddy 'Long Hard Climb' $10
Henry Mancini 'A Warm Shade of Ivory' $8
Henry Mancini 'Country Gentleman' $8
Henry Mancini 'Hangin' Out' $8
Henry Mancini 'Mancini Country' $8
Henry Mancini 'Symphonic Soul' $8
Henry Mancini 'Theme From "Z" and Other Film Music' $8
Hugo Montenegro 'Love Theme From The Godfather' $8
Hugo Montenegro 'Music From A Fistful Of Dollars, etc.' $8
Hugo Montenegro 'The Best of Hugo Montenegro' $8
Hugo Montenegro 'Rocket Man - A Tribute to Elton John' $8
Jeff Beck 'Wired' $40
John Keating 'Space Experience' (EMI UK Cartridge) $20
Lynn Anderson 'Rose Garden' $20
Moody Blues 'To Our Childrens, Childrens, Children' $15
Moody Blues 'Seventh Sojourn' $15
Moody Blues 'Days of Future Passed' $15
Mystic Moods 'Awakening' $10
Paul Simon 'Paul Simon' $25
Perry Como 'And I Love You So' $8
The Raiders 'Indian Reservation' $20
Santana 'Abraxas' $20
Seals & Crofts 'Diamond Girl' $12
Seals & Crofts 'Unborn Child' $12
Sly & The Family Stone 'Greatest Hits' $25
The Sound of Music (Official Soundtrack) $10
Various Artists 'This is Quadraphonic Sound' (EMI UK Sampler Q8-DT 1) $15
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Small Packet Air is by weight, and it works out something like this:

(randomly picked MA as the destination state, dunno if it's different to other parts of the US)

2.0kg = $24
1.5kg = $21
1.0kg = $18
0.5kg = $12
0.2kg = $9

My recollection from previous sales is that 16 tapes was about 1.8kg - 1.9kg, and $9 is the rate for 0.2kg and less (ie 1 tape) - so it's much more of a bargain to ship a large batch of tapes.

Tracking is another $6, and there are further more expedited options that are considerably more expensive, but I've never had trouble with Small Packet to the US.

In any event, packing materials are on me, and I'll only charge what the Canada Post shipping calculator provides.