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Great musicians getting together for a jam can sometimes give amazing results. This is not exactly the case here but it does raise the big "what if" question as these two comedic giants and great friends never had the chance to truly work together. This is a spontaneous improv filmed during an early Robin Williams stand-up gig. The low quality footage still offers some really cool moments.

Steven Wright "I went to the general store. They wouldn't let me buy anything specific."

Richard Lewis "Our house was like a monument for the American Psychiatric Association. We had a satellite dish that received other people 's problems"

No one has mentioned the late great Don Rickles who used have me throwing myself on the floor laughing. One time he climbed onto Ed McMahon's back. Complete hilarious insanity.

Fawlty Towers
From Justified:
Tom Bergen:
Art, I've been in Harlan 18 years. People still look at me like I'm some kinda Yankee come down to burn their crops. But this guy...

I know my people.

Art Mullen:
You're like the hillbilly whisperer. We oughta put you on Oprah.