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Jun 14, 2005
I've re-setup my quad equipment. top: is Panasonic that outputs to Teac line inputs, next is Akai CR-80 ss
that I disabled internal circuits and cabled heads to balanced xlr connectors and then adapted with unbalanced connectors to mic in of Teac. The Teac plays Q4 but I have none so I leave Teac test tape
to set levels. Teac outputs to Tascam 424mkII and JVC 4dd5 outputs to Tascam xlr ins via adapters.
the Tascam has Teac test tape to set out levels and it outputs to Millenium DTS decoder that gets DTS
from computor or 300 disc Pioneer. The Millenium outputs to Pioneer qx646 and 4 Pioneer wall speakers
and Bose passive subwolfer(white).
While the Akai heads goto Tascam with no tape EQ, the mixing part of the 424 has High Mid and Low EQ
and really makes it easy to customize for the varied sound of Q8 carts.
The JVC and AT-15 with Zero100 plays CD-4 nicely.
If I were to record to computer a Q8 I would plug xlr Akai heads directly to 424 Tascam to minimize noise
either add EQ after or from board.
This is the first time I've made all of this usable from one 4 channel input that the Qx646 has.


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