Quadio bundle #4. Let the speculation begin!


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Quad Gandharva is in the vault.

Great to hear of confirmation on that. Thx for positivity on that front. I do wonder if the Passport original quad master tape is safe in Germany, or has a Japan vault kept it safe all these years? Maybe an email is needed to see what's up with that one if it's not in the US.

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - Clear Spot (new immersive mix)
Eric Salzman - Finnadar
Robert Mason - Stardrive
Edgard Varèse - Offrandes / Intégrales / Octandre / Ecuatorial
Beaver & Krause - Gandharva
Passport - Hand Made
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Quad Gandharva is in the vault.
Finnadar?! You guys craving some Eric Salzman?
IMO, spectacular news and hopefully it won't stay 'in the vault' for too long as the RHINO experts ready it for a future BD~A 192/24 QUADIO release! So many brilliantly talented musicians were involved in the creation of this mini masterpiece and it was conceived as a QUAD release from the ground UP! And Foraging Rhino {Steve}....to ensure your ⭐ on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, please expedite its release......along with the Divine Miss M All images

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There is some promise on the horizon though...

I did an artist search on Rhino , and found out that 3 of their aquired artists were involved with quad releases.

Kraftwerk-Autobahn (some albums now streaming in atmos)
Curtis Mayfield-Roots
Curtis Mayfield-Back To The World

And Dolly Parton....but it's uncertain whether or not her RCA quads are now with Rhino. She may have a split catalogue.
PLEASE DO AUTOBAHN!!!! they cut the title track on the Q8 even though they didn't have to, and you know they would sell lots of that title.
Spun up a Three Dog Night disc last night. I kept thinking how amazing it would sound in quad.
Hard Labor was done back in the day but that was on ABC I believe. I don’t think the mix is particularly good but does Rhino distribute the TDN catalog now? If so, I would love a newly commissioned 70s style quad mix of that Greatest Hits record!
While there were two Three Dog Night albums in quad that saw a release , namely ..Hard Labor ,, and Coming Down Your Way .
They still belong to UMe .

Rumour has it Joy To The World, Best Of , may exist in their vault .
Pssst…don’t forget about Herbie Mann “Push Push”
That's an interesting quad release, it came out in three different printings but only on 8-Track cartridges, no LP, and no reel to reel issued here.

Is this his best quad album musically? Or is "Hold On, I'm Comin'" the higher rated of the two titles from Herbie?

I can't help thinking that two-fer Quadio releases will someday be a reality. Like not this year, but maybe next.
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