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The (Mostly) Complete List of CBS/Sony Japan (Bell/Epic/Columbia) SQ LP Releases

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Oct 12, 2011
Lots of great adds, Mark! I've recommended Anthony Newman's recordings for D-V in the past - they're almost completely out of print in any digital format if they were ever issued, and I noticed that Andrew Kazdin produced the Haydn disc above...


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Since 2002/2003
Apr 21, 2002
Toronto, ON
This is fantastic, thanks for doing it.

I've been curious about SOCZ-159/160/161 for a while - shame to learn that most of it isn't quad.
Thanks, and yeah I was disappointed about that too, but on the upside at least the knowledge means that you're not wasting money on an expensive box set only to find this out for yourself. The mixing of stereo and quad LPs in a single box set almost seems like a microcosm of the way stereo and quad titles are kind of haphadardly strewn through the whole CBS/Sony catalog numbering system.

What's really interesting to me is that almost all the popular titles are from CBS' early gold-bordered SQ LP series from '72 and '73. There are a few outliers from '74 (The Isley Brothers' 3+3, Kristofferson's Spooky Lady Sideshow, Charlie Rich's Behind Closed Doors), and unsurprisingly those seem to be the rarer ones. But I don't see a single popular title from '75 onward, and as we know CBS continued releasing popular LPs in quad until mid '77. I always thought CD-4 was dominant in Japan, so maybe CBS felt it was a lost cause to keep promoting their LPs over there.
the latest one i can find is Chase "Pure Music" which would be mid-74.
That was the last one I noticed too, so it must be around that time that they gave up on Western popular quads, because (for example) the Edgar Winter Group's Shock Treatment was never issued in quad in Japan and I think it was only released a couple of months after Pure Music. There may be something to the idea that SQ was losing the format battle in Japan, because a bunch of matrix quad early adopters including Warner Bros. (SQ and QS), Polydor (QS) and Toshiba-EMI (QS) all switched to CD-4 in 1975 before giving up on quad entirely.

About the post-1974 release it may also be that these were done in a very limited number; we all thought the q8 market in japan was scarce, and we were proven wrong some months ago. For example, hard to believe no quad Santana post-Caravanserai, and then they do Lotus as sq-only?
The albums they did (and didn't) decide to release in early 1974 before it seems they gave up on releasing Western popular quad titles are head-scratching indeed, but I haven't come across any evidence at all for Japanese SQ LP's of Santana's Welcome or Borboletta for example, nor any evidence of any CBS/Sony Q8's, aside from the sampler I posted in Mark Anderson's Anthology/Sampler Tracklisting thread. One avenue of exploration to see if Sony did do any Q8's would be to look through old Japanese advertisements for Sony quad hardware and see what tapes are pictured in the decks. That's how I originally got on the scent of all the Victor Q8's and QR's: much like Sony understood with SACD that it was beneficial to produce both software and hardware, Victor did the same with quad LPs, 8-tracks and reels. Almost every advertisement they made for an Q8 or QR deck had some of their tapes pictured in them, like this one, this one and this one. There are tons more on the site audiosharing.com, which seems to be a kind of picture archive of Japanese hi-fi advertising. I think if CBS/Sony made any Q8's you'd probably see them advertised in conjunction with their Q8 decks, if they made any.

@Mark Anderson thank you so much for all the additions, amazing that in keeping track of this stuff for as long as I did that I didn't come across these ones. Just makes you wonder what else is out there! A couple of corrections for your records - what you have listed as SOCL-1156 is actually SOCL-1056 (visible in the upper corner of the front cover) and the title you have listed as SOCL-1125 is actually SOCL-1135, there are better pictures of it in a post that @bigbillquad did last year. I'll add all the other ones to the list in the first post in the next day or two, again, amazing work on your part!


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Oct 12, 2011
Thanks, and yeah I was disappointed about that too, but on the upside at least the knowledge means that you're not wasting money on an expensive box set only to find this out for yourself. The mixing of stereo and quad LPs in a single box set almost seems like a microcosm of the way stereo and quad titles are kind of haphadardly strewn through the whole CBS/Sony catalog numbering system.
Incidentally, there was a US release of The Firebird (complete ballet from 1910) in quadraphonic audio, which would make a fantastic SACD, complementing some of Boulez's other great recordings from Columbia: https://www.discogs.com/Boulez-Conducts-Stravinsky-New-York-Philharmonic-The-Firebird-Complete-Original-1910-Version/release/6338369. For whatever reason in Japan they released the suite from the Firebird recorded with the BBC Symphony for Columbia in 1967, which was been stereo-only. The Rite of Spring with the Cleveland Orchestra is a steely masterpiece, but it was recorded shortly before the quad era began, and the (excellent) Sony stereo SACD is as good as we're going to get.


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Mar 24, 2018
Spacewarp Planet
Over the years I've always kinda been intrigued with CBS/Sony Japan's quad release program. Not just because it included handful of titles from western artists that weren't released anywhere else like Johnny Mathis's Love Story, The Byrds' Byrdmaniax and the cancelled release of Edgar Winter's White Trash, but also because the catalog numbering system used by the label was kind of opaque by Western standards. Whereas with the CBS unified numbering system in the US you could tell the label and format by the catalog prefix (C = Columbia CQ = Columbia Quadraphonic E = Epic, EQ = Epic Quadraphonic, etc.) and releases were in chronological numerical order, CBS/Sony Japan's catalog numbering system offers little insight into either of these things aside from denoting what label the release is on and if the recording is classical or popular...and even then, not all of the time.

The label's quad releases are also entirely mixed in with its stereo releases, meaning the only way to confirm something as quad is to see the album cover or record labels to confirm. In the pre-internet days this would've been impossible unless you worked in a record shop in Japan, but Google (and Google image search in particular) has really revolutionized the ability to search for this kind of thing. As a committed reader of @Mark Anderson 's Quadraphonic Discography for a decade or more, I think I've committed much of it to memory, and browsing Japanese auction sites like Yahoo! Japan Auctions the last couple of years I started noticing every now and then that I'd see something that wasn't in there. To be fair, they were mostly releases from either Japanese domestic artists or classical releases, but nonetheless it got me wondering how many other unknown/un-cataloged CBS/Sony Japan releases there were.

So a year or so ago I set up a spreadsheet, and started with entering everything from the western, classical, Japanese and anthology/sampler sections from Mark Anderson's in numerical order. Since then, every time I saw something "new" from Japan on eBay or Yahoo! auctions (or elsewhere) that I hadn't seen before I added it to the spreadsheet until I felt like I had the majority of things. In my web travels I also discovered that in Japan, the term 'quadraphonic' (and its derivatives) aren't really used at all, because there's no precise phonetic way to spell it using Japanese kanji. Instead the main term used to describe quad seems to be "4 channel" (or similar things like "4ch", "SQ4" etc.) Since then, I've spent quite a bit of time doing what I call "speculative Googling." - that is, once I knew most (or all?) of the catalog prefixes that the label used (and there are a boatload) I started searching both auction sites and Google Image Search using a variety of search term combinations that mixed '4 channel' (and the Japanese translation) with both cbs/sony and also each individual catalog number prefix.

As a result, I now have what I think is probably the most comprehensive list of CBS/Sony Japan's quad releases to date, totalling well over 300 titles. While it's impossible to say if it's complete or not, I think it's probably in the ballpark at least. My hope is that by sharing that it'll help people who are interested in collecting this stuff, and also smoke out anything remaining that I haven't discovered already.

Broadly speaking, the list covers three labels: Bell (the Columbia Pictures-owned precursor to Arista Records that CBS distributed), Epic and CBS/Sony (so called because EMI owned the rights to the 'Columbia' name outside of North America). Because this list is in alphabetical catalog order and covers a variety of styles and genres and includes both Western and Japanese artists, I thought I'd provide a sort of "table of contents" of catalog prefixes in case you want to find something specific.

LP's - Western artists: BLPN, BLPJ, BLPW
(-WF suffix: licensed from Windfall Records)

45rpm 7" singles - Western artists: ECPA, ECPB
33rpm 7" EPs - Western artists: ECPD
LPs - Western artists: ECPH, ECPL, ECPM, ECPN, ECPQ


45rpm 7" singles - Classical: SOCB
45rpm 7" singles - Japanese popular: SOLB, SOLY
45rpm 7" singles - Western artists: SOPA, SOPB
33rpm 7" EPs - Western artists: SOPD
LPs - Japanese artists: SOEL, SOLJ, SOLL, SOLM
LPs - Japanese traditional: SOJL, SOJZ
LPs - Western artists: SOPJ, SOPL, SOPM, SOPN, SOPZ, 63AP
LPs - Compilations (Various Aritsts) Western artists - FCLC, FCPA, FCPC, FCPD, SOPH, SOPQ, SOPV, SOPW, SOPZ
LPs - Compilations (Various Aritsts) Classical - SOCH
Promo/Sampler LPs - YACC, YAPC, YFSC, YGSC
Promo/Sampler EPs - YACB, YFSB

BLPN-4Michel LegrandLive In JapanJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
BLPN-5-WFMountainThe Best Of Mountain
BLPW-1/2Michel LegrandTwenty Songs Of The Century
ECLL-7Miyoko Asada / 浅田美代子Best Hits / 浅田美代子ヒット全曲集JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
ECPA-26ChaseGet It On / River (7" 45rpm single)JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
ECPA-27Caravelli & H.M.S.Bridge Over Troubled Water / El Condor Pasa (7" 45rpm single)JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
ECPB-268-SMSergio Mendes & Brazil '77Mas Que Nada / Fool On The Hill (7" 45rpm single)JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
ECPD-10-SMSergio Mendes & Brazil '77"Gold Disc" [7" 33rpm 4 song EP]JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
ECPH-13/14-SMSergio Mendes & Brazil '77LiveJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
ECPL-3Michel PolnareffPolnareff'sJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
ECPL-6Ray StevensRay Stevens' Greatest Hits
ECPL-24RedboneMessage From A Drum
ECPL-60La Formule Du BaronLa Formule Du BaronJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
ECPL-76Rita ReysSings Michel Legrand
ECPL-54002Tammy WynetteWe Sure Do Love Each Other
ECPM-54ChasePure Music
ECPM-62-MOKris KristoffersonThe Silver Tongued Devil & I
ECPM-63-MOKris KristoffersonBorder Lord
ECPM-64-MOKris KristoffersonJesus Was a Capricorn
ECPM-65-MOKris KristoffersonSpooky Lady's Sideshow
ECPM-71Thijs Van LeerIntrospection
ECPM-86The Isley Brothers3 + 3
ECPM-94Sly & The Family StoneGreatest Hits
ECPM-99Charlie RichBehind Closed Doors
ECPN-7Sly & The Family StoneGreatest Hits
ECPN-13Jeff Beck GroupRough & Ready
ECPN-15Caravelli & H.M.S.Love Sounds Live In TokyoJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
ECPN-17Jeff Beck GroupJeff Beck Group
ECPN-18Michel PolnareffPolnareff a TokioJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
ECPN-19The Edgar Winter GroupThey Only Come Out At Night
ECPN-20-SMSergio Mendes & Brasil '77Carnival - Sergio Mendes & Brasil '77 Live!JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
ECPN-24-SMSergio Mendes & Brasil '77Gold DiscJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
ECPN-28The Edgar Winter GroupThey Only Come Out At Night
ECPN-35Jeff Beck GroupRough & Ready
ECPN-36Jeff Beck GroupJeff Beck Group
ECPN-37Beck, Bogert & AppiceBeck, Bogert & Appice
ECPN-40Michel PolnareffPolnareff'sJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
ECPN-52Caravelli & H.M.S.Simon & Garfunkel Greatest HitsJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
ECPN-64003Edgar Winter's White TrashEdgar Winter's White TrashCANCELLED, NEVER RELEASED
ECPN-64004Caravelli & H.M.S.Simon & Garfunkel Greatest HitsJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
ECPQ-7-SMSergio Mendes & Brazil '77Pack 20JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
FCCA-6Zukerman / English Chamber OrchestraVivaldi: The Four Seasons
FCCA-83Bernstein / NY PhilharmonicStrauss: Also Sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30
FCCA-92Bernstein / Israel PhilharmonicMahler: Das Lied Von Der Erde
FCLC-701/702Various ArtistsSQ Quadraphonic Sound SpecialJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
FCLC-703/704Various ArtistsSQ Quadraphonic Sound Special 2JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
FCPA-221Various ArtistsThe SQ Quadraphonic Sounds: HitsJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
FCPA-222Various ArtistsThe SQ Quadraphonic Sounds: VocalJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
FCPA-223Various ArtistsThe SQ Quadraphonic Sounds: RockJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
FCPA-224Various ArtistsThe SQ Quadraphonic Sounds: Movie ThemesJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
FCPC-1501/1502Various ArtistsThe SQ Quadraphonic Best CollectionJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
FCPC-1503/1504Various ArtistsThe SQ Quadraphonic Best Collection 2JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
FCPD-7Various ArtistsWorld of SQ4 (4 LP set - FCPA-221 to 224)JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOCB-4Bernstein / NY PhilharmonicHolst: The Planets - Jupiter / Mars (7" 45rpm EP)JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOCH-21/22Various ArtistsSQ Sound Special Vol. 2 (Classical)
SOCH-59/60Various ArtistsSQ Sound Special Classic
SOCL-141/142Anthony Newman and FriendsBach: The Six Brandenburg Concertos
SOCL-1011Bernstein / NY PhilharmonicStrauss: Also Sprach Zarathustra
SOCL-1012Zukerman / English Chamber OrchestraVivaldi: The Four Seasons
SOCL-1015Boulez / NY PhilharmonicStravinsky: Petrushka
SOCL-1030Walter CarlosSwitched-On Bach
SOCL-1034Bernstein / NY PhilharmonicShostakovich: Symphony No. 5 / Prokofiev: Classical Symphony
SOCL-1046Bernstein / LSOStravinsky: Le Sacre Du Printemps
SOCL-1056Boulez / NY PhilharmonicBartok: Concerto For Orchestra
SOCL-1066Anthony Newman & FriendsBach: Brandenburg Concertos 3, 4 & 5
SOCL-1086Bernstein / NY PhilharmonicHolst: The Planets
SOCL-1109Boulez / NY PhilharmonicRavel: Barque Sur L'Ocean; La Tombeau de Couperin; Le Valses Nobles et Sentimentales
SOCL-1129Boulez / NY PhilharmonicMiraculous Mandarin/Dance Suite
SOCL-1130Boulez / NY PhilharmonicBoulez Conducts Wagner
SOCL-1135Zukerman / English Chamber OrchestraVivaldi: Concertos 5, 6, 10 & 12 from Op. 8
SOCL-1143Isaac SternSerenade Melancolique (JP version of US LP 'Romance' MQ-31425)
SOCL-1412/1413Anthony NewmanBach: The Six Brandenburg Concertos
SOCM-51Eastman School MembersMonster Concert: 10 Pianos / 16 Pianists
SOCM-52Ormandy / Philadelphia OrchestraTchaikovsky: 1812 Overture/Romeo & Juliet
SOCM-54Barenboim / London PhilharmonicElgar: Symphony No. 2 in E flat Major, Op. 63
SOCM-63 XJLes Petits Chanteurs A La Croix De BoisSilent Night / Angel of Christmas (きよしこの夜/天使のクリスマス)JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOCM-67Les Petits Chanteurs A La Croix De BoisSings World Beloved SongsJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOCM-95The Taj Mahal TravelersJuly 15, 1972
SOCN-5Bernstein / NY PhilharmonicTchaikovsky: Swan Lake Ballet
SOCN-6E. Power Biggs / Maurice PeressMusic For Organ, Brass & Percussion
SOCN-7Gerallt Leslie Williams / London Symphonic BandBach For Band
SOCN-8Mormon Tabernacle ChoirSunrise, Sunset (JP version of US LP 'Climb Ev'ry Mountain' MQ-30647)
SOCN-9Andrew Kazdin / Columbia Brass EnsembleAntiphonal Music For Four Brass Choirs
SOCN-10E. Power BiggsBach Organ Favourites, Vol. 5
SOCN-11Morton SubotnickSidewinder
SOCN-12-XJMamiya / TsutsumiDe Falla: Suite Populaire Espagnole / Danse Rituelle Du FeuJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOCN-13Stern / Zukerman / BarenboimMozart / Stamitz - Sinfonia Concertante
SOCN-14-XJYamada / Tokyo Metropolitan SymphonyFaure: Requiem Op. 48
SOCN-15/16Bernstein / NY PhilharmonicMahler: Symphony No. 2 in C Minor 'Resurrection'
SOCN-21Morton SubotnickTouch
SOCN-14001/14002Bernstein / LSOVerdi: Requiem
SOCN-14003Morton SubotnickTouch
SOCN-14004Walter CarlosSwitched-On Bach
SOCO-27Zukerman / English Chamber OrchestraVivaldi: Four Seasons
SOCO-28Entremont / Ozawa/New Philharmonia Orch.Khachaturian: Piano Concerto / Lizst: Hungarian Fantasia
SOCO-37Isaac SternSerenade Melancolique (JP version of US LP 'Romance' MQ-31425)
SOCO-38Williams / PrevinGuitar Concerto / Concierto Del Sur
SOCO-40Boulez / NY PhilharmonicBartok: Concerto For Orchestra
SOCO-44BoulezBoulez Conducts Berlioz: Overtures to Roman Carinval', etc.
SOCO-46BernsteinConcert For Peace / Haydn: Mass in time of War
SOCO-47Boulez / New Philharmonia OrchestraLe Marteau Sans Maitre / Livre Pour Cordes
SOCO-48Zukerman / English Chamber OrchestraFour Vivaldi Concertos
SOCO-52Bernstein / NY PhilharmonicHolst: The Planets
SOCO-53Boulez / NY PhilharmonicBoulez Conducts Ravel, Vol. 2
SOCO-54Bernstein / NY PhilharmonicHaydn: Symphony No. 93 / No. 94 "Surprise"
SOCO-57Boulez / NY PhilharmonicBoulez Conducts Wagner
SOCO-58Mormon Tabernacle ChoirStars and Stripes Forever
SOCO-74Zukerman / English Chamber OrchestraVivaldi: Opus 8, Concertos 5-8
SOCO-76Bernstein / NY PhilharmonicHaydn: Symphony No. 95 in c; Symphony No. 96 in D, "Miracle"
SOCO-77BernsteinNielsen: Symphony No. 2 "The Four Temperments"
SOCO-80Bernstein / Israel PhilharmonicMahler: Das Lied von der Erde
SOCO-82Boulez / NY PhilharmonicBoulez Conducts Ravel, Vol. 3
SOCO-87Zukerman / English Chamber OrchestraVivaldi: Concertos 9, 10, 11 & 12
SOCO-89Zukerman / BarenboimMozart: Violin Concertos 1 & 3
SOCO-90Budapest QuartetQuartet No. 6 In F Major, Op. 96, 'American' / Quintet No. 3 In E-Flat Major, Op. 97
SOCO-96/97BernsteinCandide (Original Cast Recording)
SOCO-114Anthony Newman and FriendsBach: Concerto in D Minor / Haydn: Concerto in D Major
SOCO-117Williams / BarenboimRodrigo: Concierto de Aranjuez / Villa-Lobos: Concerto For Guitar
SOCO-126Watts / LeinsdorfLiszt: Todtentanz / Franck: Symphonic Variations
SOCO-130Tilson-Thomas / Cleveland OrchestraCarmina Burana
SOCO-132NewmanWagner: Organ Orgy
SOCO-138BernsteinHaydn: Harmoniemesse
SOCO-145Bernstein / Israel Philharmonic / NY PhilharmonicMahler: Kindertotenlieder / Symphony No. 10
SOCO-150BoulezRavel: Daphnis et Chloe (Complete Ballet)
SOCO-152Tilson-Thomas / LSOBeethoven: Late Choral Music
SOCP-2Boulez / NY PhilharmonicStravinsky: Petrushka
SOCP-5Boulez / NY PhilharmonicThe Miraculous Mandarin / Dance Suite
SOCP-6Bernstein / London Symphony OrchestraStravinsky: Le Sacre Du Printemps
SOCP-7BernsteinTrouble In Tahiti
SOCP-8Bernstein / NY City Ballet OrchestraDybbuk (Complete Ballet)
SOCP-9Watts / Bernstein / NY PhilharmonicTchaikovsky: Piano Concerto No. 1
SOCP-24001Bernstein / NY PhilharmonicStrauss: Also Sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30
SOCZ-30/31/32Unno / Mori/Tokyo Metropolitan SymphonyMozart: Violin Concertos (Complete)JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOCZ-117/118Bernstein / Boulez / Nadien / NY PhilharmonicHolst: The Planets / Strauss: Zarathustra / Bartok: Concerto for OrchestraJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOCZ-159/160/161BoulezStravinsky: Sacre du Printemps / Petrushka / Firebird (only SOCZ-160 'Petrushka' is quad)JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOCZ-185/186Bernstein / London & NY PhilharmonicSacre Du Printemps / The PlanetsJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOEL-3Philharmonia Wind EnsembleDynamic Band Concert Vol. 1JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOEL-4Philharmonia Wind EnsembleDynamic Band Concert Vol. 2JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOEL-5Philharmonia Wind EnsembleNew Concerto Music For Your BandJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOEL-6Philharmonia Wind EnsembleContest Band Music Selections '74JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOEL-7Philharmonia Wind EnsembleContest Music For WindsJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOJL-3/4Shinichi Yuize / 唯是震一Music Of Shinichi Yuize Vol. II / 唯是震一の音楽 第2集JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOJL-9/10Shinichi Yuize / 唯是震一Music Of Shinichi Yuize Vol. III / 唯是震一の音楽 第3集JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOJZ-14/15/16<Artist Unknown>Tozan Ryu Honkyoku Instruction Recording - Vol 3 / 都山流尺八本曲大成 3JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOJZ-40/41/42<Artist Unknown>都山流尺八本曲大成第4輯 ("Miyako-Ryusaku Hachikuji Song Taisei No. 4")JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOJZ-43/44/45<Artist Unknown>雅楽 四天王寺聖霊会と現代雅楽 ("Gagaku Shitennoji Holy Spirit Club and Contemporary Gagaku")JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLB-45Mari Amachi / 天地真理恋する夏の日 / 花ひらくとき ("Summer Day in Love / When Flowers Open") (7" 45rpm single)JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLB-53Four Leaves / 盤 フォーリーブス見上げてごらん夜の星を / チャチャチャで勉強 ("Look Up to the Stars of the Night / Study in Cha-Cha"(7" 45rpm Single)
SOLB-244Four Leaves / 盤 フォーリーブスOur Earth is But One / I Love You, Just You (7" 45rpm single)JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLB-365Four Leaves / 盤 フォーリーブス夏のふれあい / 真夏の愛 ("The Summer Love / Look to the Sun")JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLJ-3/4Nobuo Hara's Sharps & Flats20th Anniversary ConcertJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLJ-6Jun Nambara Quintet With Strings / ナンバラ・ジュンSimon & Garfunkel HistoryJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLJ-11(Various Artists)NHK Stage 101 Young, Young, Young ! / nhkステージ101・ヤング訪問!!JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLJ-12Shiro Michi & Koichi Oki / 道志郎&沖浩一EX-42 vs. ARP Synthesizer / ex-42+arpシンセサイザーJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLJ-13Jun Nambara Quintet With Strings / ナンバラ・ジュンNew Folk Golden HitsJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLJ-14Exciting Up-tight BandYoung A Go-GoJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLJ-19SQ Sounds + Singers Three / SQサウンズ +シンガーズ・スリーLatin Balada in SQ / ラテン・バラーダ・イン・SQJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLJ-26Yuri Nishimura / 西村ユリSongs Of Love / エレクトーン・ファンタスティック~ラブ/愛するハーモニーJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLJ-29Jun Nambara + SQ Sounds / ナンバラ・ジュンBeatles SongbookJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLJ-36Jun Nambara + SQ Sounds / ナンバラ・ジュンLatest Hit Sounds in SQ / 虹をわたって 哀愁のページJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLJ-48Yuri Nishimura / 西村ユリLive in Nemu / ライブ・イン・ネムJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLJ-49Shiro Michi & Moon Drops / 道 志郎Holidays - All About Michel Polnareff / 愛の休日~ミッシェル・ポルナイフのすべてJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLJ-76Four Leaves / フォーリーブスLook Up to See the Stars of the Night / 見上げてごらん夜の星をJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLJ-78Rutsuko Honda / 帯本田路津子On Stage / オン・ステージJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLL-4Isao Tomita / 富田勲Switched On Hit & RockJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLL-7Goro Shishido / Mori Tadashi / 清水脩 監修Choral Suite "Pray to the Mountain" / Female Choral Song "Mother's Song" / 合唱組曲「山に祈る」/女性合唱曲「母の歌」JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLL-8New Sounds Wind EnsembleNew Sounds In BrassJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLL-10Akira Nishikino / にしきのあきらLight and Shadow of Love / 愛への出発JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLL-23Percy FaithRyoichi Hattori ('Gift Pack Series')JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLL-28Yasutaka Tsutsui, Kosuke Ichihara, Masahiko SatoSound Display Series 2 "Rumour" / デマJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLL-30Percy FaithRyoichi Hattori (same content as SOLL-23)JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLL-33<Artist Unknown>American March Anthology / アメリカンマーチ名曲集JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLL-40<Artist Unknown>Sousa March Collection / スーザ名行進曲集JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLL-105Saori Minami / 南沙織Best Hits / ヒット全曲集JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLL-107Momoe Yamaguchi / 山口百恵Best Hits / ヒット全曲集JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLL-109Candies / キャンディーズBest Hits / ヒット全曲集JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLL-74001Jun Nambara Quintet With StringsBest Screen Music in SQJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLL-74002Love Live Life10 Chapters of Murder / 殺人十章JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLL-74003Shiro Michi Brass / 道志郎 + ブラス・グループSimon & Garfunkel Song Book / サイモンとガーファンクル・ソング・ブックJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLM-1The Taj Mahal TravelersJuly 15, 1972JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLY-4Four Leaves / フォーリーブスA New Adventure / Here Begins Our Love (7" 45rpm single)JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLY-6Four Leaves / フォーリーブスLook To The Sun / The Summer Love (夏のふれあい / 真夏の愛) (7" 45rpm single)JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLY-10Four Leaves / フォーリーブスLove and Death / Words From Blue Sky (愛と死/青空のおしゃべり) (7" 45rpm single)JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOLY-87003Four Leaves / フォーリーブスOur Earth is But One / I Love You, Just You (7" 45rpm single)JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOON-14004Walter CarlosSwitched-On Bach
SOPA-26Simon & GarfunkelBridge Over Troubled Water/Keep The Customer Satisfied [7" 45rpm single]JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOPA-27Simon & GarfunkelEl Condor Pasa (If I Could) / So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright [7" 45rpm single]JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOPA-28Simon & GarfunkelThe Boxer / Baby Driver [7" 45rpm single]JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOPA-29SantanaBlack Magic Woman / Everbody's Everything [7" 45rpm single]JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOPA-30Andy Williams(Where Do I Begin) Love Story / Something [7" 45rpm single]JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOPA-31Lynn AndersonRose Garden / Snowbird [7" 45rpm single]JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOPA-32Janis JoplinMe And Bobby McGee / Move Over [7" 45rpm single]JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOPA-33The RaidersIndian Reservation / Birds of a Feather [7" 45rpm single]JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOPB-250Simon & GarfunkelEl Condor Pasa (If I Could) / The Only Living Boy In New York [7" 45rpm single]JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOPB-253Simon & GarfunkelThe Boxer / Baby Driver "Gold Disc" [7" 45rpm single]JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOPD-15Simon & GarfunkelVol. 4 "Gold Disc" [7" 33rpm 4 song EP]JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOPD-16Paul Simon"Gold Disc" [7" 33rpm 4 song EP]JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOPD-19Simon & GarfunkelVol. 5 "Gold Disc" [7" 33rpm 4 song EP]JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOPD-22Blood, Sweat & Tears"Gold Disc" [7" 33rpm 4 song EP]JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOPH-99/100Various ArtistsSQ Sound Special PopularJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOPJ-56/57The Brothers FourLive In JapanJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOPJ-58/59Miles DavisBitches Brew
SOPJ-60/61Andy WilliamsAn Evening With - Live In Japan 1973JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOPJ-88/89Miles DavisLive-Evil
SOPL-9Johnny MathisYou've Got A Friend
SOPL-22/23Johnny MathisIn Person - Recorded Live at Las Vegas
SOPL-24/25Miles DavisBitches Brew
SOPL-108-XJKimiko Kasai with Gil Evans OrchestraSatin DollJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOPL-141Ray Conniff and the SingersLove Theme From "The Godfather" (Speak Softly Love)
SOPL-142Jim Nabors & Marilyn HorneMan Of La Mancha
SOPL-143/144Miles DavisLive-Evil
SOPL-145/146Don EllisTears Of Joy
SOPL-207/208Andy WilliamsAn Evening With - Live In Japan 1973JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOPL-269Percy FaithRomeo & Juliet
SOPL-270Lynn AndersonRose Garden
SOPL-34001The ByrdsByrdmaniaxJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOPL-34002Ray PriceFor The Good Times
SOPL-34003Johnny MathisLove StoryJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOPL-34004Johnny CashAt San Quentin
SOPL-34005Percy FaithRomeo & Juliet
SOPL-34006Lynn AndersonRose Garden
SOPL-34007Bloomfield / Kooper / StillsSuper Session
SOPL-34008/9Miles DavisBitches' Brew
SOPM-73Kimiko Kasai / 笠井紀美子In Person / イン・パーソン~フィーチャーリング・オリヴァー・ネルソンJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOPM-105Simon and GarfunkelBridge Over Troubled Water
SOPM-108Paul SimonPaul Simon
SOPM-109Paul SimonThere Goes Rhymin' Simon
SOPM-118Earth, Wind & FireHead To The Sky
SOPN-17Simon and GarfunkelBridge Over Troubled Water
SOPN-18SantanaSantana III
SOPN-19Barbra StreisandBarbra Joan Streisand
SOPN-20Peter NeroSummer Of '42
SOPN-34Andy WilliamsLove Theme From "The Godfather"
SOPN-35Percy FaithJoy
SOPN-36Johnny MathisFirst Time Ever I Saw Your Face
SOPN-39Carlos Santana / Buddy MilesLive!
SOPN-42Paul SimonPaul Simon
SOPN-43Loggins & MessinaLoggins And Messina
SOPN-44Andy WilliamsAlone Again (Naturally)
SOPN-45Percy FaithClair
SOPN-46Johnny MathisSong Sung Blue
SOPN-52Andy WilliamsLive In Japan ("Gold Disc") (1 LP version)JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOPN-64Various ArtistsWorld's Popular Hit ParadeJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOPN-65Various ArtistsToday's Screen MusicJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOPN-70Percy FaithIn Concert - Recorded Live In Japan 1974JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOPN-82Blood, Sweat & TearsBlood, Sweat & Tears (2nd album)
SOPN-83Bloomfield / Kooper / StillsSuper Session
SOPN-88SantanaSantana III
SOPN-89Carlos Santana / Buddy MilesLive!
SOPN-90Janis JoplinPearl
SOPN-130Andy WilliamsYou've Got A Friend
SOPN-131Ray ConniffLove Story
SOPN-133Barbra StreisandStoney End
SOPN-135Percy FaithBlack Magic Woman
SOPN-44001Andy WilliamsYou've Got A Friend
SOPN-44002Percy FaithBlack Magic Woman
SOPN-44003Ray ConniffLove Story
SOPN-44005Janis JoplinPearl
SOPN-44006Andy WilliamsLove Story
SOPN-44007The RaidersIndian Reservation
SOPN-44008Barbra StreisandStoney End
SOPN-44009Barbra Streisand / Omar SharifFunny Girl (Soundtrack)
SOPQ-7Various ArtistsSQ 4Channel Sounds - Pack 20 / 4チャンネルの世界・sqサウンドJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOPV-33/34Various ArtistsThe SQ Sounds Special / SQサウンドのすべてJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOPV-57/58Various ArtistsSQ Sound Special Vol. 1 (Popular)JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOPW-67/68Various ArtistsThe World of SQ SoundsJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SOPZ-7/8/9SantanaLotus (Live In Japan 1973)
SOPZ-71/72Various ArtistsSQ Sound Special / New Gift PackJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SPEC-93610Various ArtistsPeace & Love (EP)JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
SPEC-94019Various ArtistsSony SQ SamplerJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
YACB-1BernsteinMass (4 songs) (7" 33rpm EP)JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
YACC-7Boulez / NY PhilharmonicStravinsky: Petrushka (Promo copy of SOCP-2)
YAPC-18Various ArtistsAn Introduction To The World of SQ Quadraphonic Sound
YFSB-8Various ArtistsThe SQ Sound (7" 45rpm EP)JAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
YFSC-1Various ArtistsSQ Demonstration RecordJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
YGSC-2Various ArtistsTrio SQ 4CH Stereo RecordJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
YGSC-4Various ArtistsSony SQ 4 Channel Demonstration RecordJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
25AC 1Barenboim / Stern / NY PhilharmonicBeethoven: Violin Concerto
25AC 9Bernstein / NY PhilharmonicTchaikovsky: Symphony No. 4 in F, Op. 36
25AC 12Boulez / NY PhilharmonicFalla: The Three-Cornered Hat
25AC 45Gunther SchullerFootlifters: A Century of American Marches
25AC 60Tilson-Thomas / Columbia Jazz BandGershwin: Rhapsody In Blue (The 1925 Piano Roll)
25AC 120Boulez / NY PhilharmonicDukas: La Peri / Roussel: Symphony No. 3
25AC 195Boulez / NY PhilharmonicBartok: The Wooden Prince, Op. 13 (Complete Ballet)
25AC 296Berlioz / Orchestre De ParisBerlioz: Te Deum
25AC 297Bernstein / NY PhilharmonicA Tribute to Benjamin Britten
25AC 362Boulez / NY PhilharmonicVarèse: Amériques / Arcana / Ionisation
30AC 227/228Bernstein / NY PhilharmonicBest of Bernstein: Strauss: Also Sprach Zarathustra / Holst: The PlanetsJAPAN-ONLY RELEASE
50AC 101/102Bernstein / Horowitz / Menuhin / NY PhilhamonicConcert Of The Century
75AC 355/356/357Cotrubas / Domingo / Pritchard / Covent Garden Orch.Donizetti: L'Elisir d'Amore
63AP 821/822/823SantanaLotus (1977 Reissue)
Great work....my question to you are either of The Edgar Winter “They Only Come Out at Night” Quad releases?


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Jul 5, 2002
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Interesting that Sony/CBS did not issue any Johnny Winter quads, that I could see, going by this list.


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Apr 21, 2002
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@Mark Anderson thanks for the additions, I'll add them to the list in post #1 - I also found this recently:

25AC 232 - Barenboim/London Symphony Orchestra 'Elgar: The Five Pomp & Circumstance Marches/Imperial March/Crown of India Suite'

I think most, if not all (maybe not all of the E. Power Biggs ones, but most of the rest) of the US Masterworks quad titles were probably released in Japan, including all the single-inventory ones from '76-'78. I found several of them online, although I didn't save pictures of them. It seems like the ones from '76 and early '77 still mention quad, but the ones after that completely omit it. These are the ones I found:

25AC 327 - Leopold Stokowski / National Philharmonic Orchestra 'Sibelius: Symphony No. 1 / Swan of Tuonela' [US Release: M-34548]
25AC 426 - Pierre Boulez / New York Philharmonic 'Stravinsky: Pulcinella Suite' [US Release: M-35105]
25AC 465 - Lorin Maazel / Cleveland Orchestra 'Strauss: Ein Heldenleben' [US Release: M-34566]
25AC 741 - Pierre Boulez / New York Philharmonic 'Wagner: Love Feast of the Apostles / Sigfried Idyll" [US Release: M-35131]

50AC 333/334 - Lorin Maazel / New Philharmonia Orchestra / Cotrubas / Prey / Minton 'Brahms: Ein Deutchsches Requiem Op. 45/Alt-Rhapsodie Op. 53' [US Release: M2-34583]

75AC 417-419 - James Levine / Philharmonia Orchestra / Scotto / Obraztsova / Domingo / Milnes 'Cilea: Adriana Lecouvreur'


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One more minor addition to the list in the name of completeness:

SOLA-44 - Akira Nishikino 'Awakening For Love / From Today On' (にしきのあきら ' 夢ならさめて / 今日からは') 7" 45rpm single

sola 44 - 1.jpgsola 44 - 2.jpgsola 44 - 2b.jpgsola 44 - 3.jpgsola 44 - 4.jpgsola 44 - 5.jpgsola 44 - 6.jpg

I think these are probably just a couple of tracks culled from his quad LP 'Light and Shadow of Love' (SOLL-10).