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R.I.P. Milton Glaser

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Jun 10, 2016
One of the most influential 20th-century graphic designers. Most famous for the "I ❤ NY" campaign, but also did tons of iconic music posters and album covers and, according to his New York Times obit, "was widely credited with creating the pudgy, cartoony style known as 'Yellow Submarine' art, popularized by the 1968 animated Beatles film but practiced at [Glaser's firm] Push Pin since the late 1950s." (Oh, and--denizens of the Craft Brew thread: Glaser designed the logo for Brooklyn Brewery, New York City's first successful microbrewery.)


Unsurprisingly, the cover for XTC's Oranges and Lemons was based on a 1965 design that Glaser did for New York radio station WOR:

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