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12 May 1967
Pink Floyd performs the first ever surround sound concert at “Games for May,” a lavish affair at London's Queen Elizabeth Hall where the band debuts its custom-made quadraphonic speaker system.

I tried the above mentioned Sheffield Lab titles + parts of the Needledrop CDs of Volumes 1, 2[THE MISSING LINC], 3 thru DynaQuad.

There were several cases where specific instruments appeared mostly in the surround channel, the Needledrop CDs had more content in the surround channel than the analog tape sourced CDs.

I may rewire my speakers to allow for DPL decoding or DynaQuad on my basement surround sound system.

Kirk Bayne
i can't work out what its doing but basically not one of the Dolby, DTS or Yamaha's own DSP settings are worth bothering with on my new RX-A2A, i just go back to "Straight Stereo" for anything not in Quad/5.1/Atmos.
Hello, :)
USB - You can set the scenes to start with your favourite songs. Assign them to open any folder. Yamaha Standard DSP is not bad for TV. Did you get the Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization (with future update)?
heya 😀
i no longer have the RX-A2A,
i'm using a Denon AVR instead 😋
:sleep: I missed the memo, the Denon USB playback will not go back automatically to the last song I was playing. Drives me crazy. Sooooooo, do you like the Denon sound over Yamaha? :D