Riverside & Fantasy Stereo SACD Reissues

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Mar 2, 2003
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While not Multichannel SACD news, this is worth noting.

Acoustic Sounds is starting a series of Stereo SACD reissues of classic material from the Contemporary, Riverside and the Fantasy/Prestige record labels. Here's today's announcement of the first two SACDs that are now available. (SACD Jazz fans will want to check these albums out.)


Breaking News

The first SACD reissues from Analogue Productions have arrived!

This classic music was recorded using only vacuum-tube equipment. As this is the primary reason the sound is so lush and natural, Doug Sax mastered these recordings from the original analog master tapes using the Mastering Lab's proprietary all-tube electronics until the final digital conversion.

Sax used the latest third-generation Analog-to-DSD converters by Ed Meitner/EMM Labs to transfer the music to the SACD layer. The CD layer was transferred directly to the Sony PCM 1630 system through a modified George Massenburg A/D converter. We feel that this approach
demonstrates the finest merits of each format.

The other three titles in this first and continuing series of SACD reissues by Analogue Productions, Bill Evans, Waltz for Debby, Miles Davis, Cookin' and Sonny Rollins, Saxophone Colossus will be available in the next two to three weeks.

We have strived to make these releases as historically accurate and as close to the original LPs as possible. The covers are exact reproductions of the vintage LP album artwork with painstakingly matched color tinting. In addition, the CD labels replicate the first-issue LP labels to further enhance the retro feel. And the sound is fantastic in both SACD and CD formats with a golden, burnished texture that is often lacking in modern recordings.

Chet Baker-Chet (Riverside 1135)
Although always recognized as a trumpeter with unsurpassed lyrical qualities, Chet Baker had many ups and downs in his long career. The very late 1950's was not an up period; the West Coast label he was under contract to readily allowed Riverside to borrow him as leader on four albums. Most of them were extremely uneven, but this one definitely worked. The album has a strong basic concept (simply to turn Chet loose on some first-class standard-ballad compositions) and one of those casual all-star lineups that the jazz scene of those days made possible: Bill Evans, Kenny Burrell, Herbie Mann, Pepper Adams, Paul Chambers, Connie Kay and Philly Joe Jones. Hybrid Stereo.
SACD = CAPJ 1135 $25.00

Sonny Rollins-Way Out West (Contemporary S7017)
Mastered off the original 2-track tape recorded with a tube AKG-C12 microphone on a tube Ampex 350 machine. Features Ray Brown on bass and Shelly Manne on drums. Over his long and distinguished career, Sonny Rollins has made many dozens of albums. Among those recorded during the fifties, Prestige's Movin' Out and Colossus, Blue Note's A Night at the Village Vanguard, Riverside's The Sound of Sonny, and Way Out West on Contemporary qualify as all-time Rollins classics.

The session for Way Out West, Rollins' first ever in California, was called for 3 a.m. to accommodate everyone's busy schedules. Sonny, who could never be accused of overstatement, announced after four hours of recording: "I'm hot now." Hybrid Stereo.
SACD = CDEL 7530 $25.00 <<