Rob Reed - Sanctuary III (CD/DTS DVD-V)


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Neil Palfreyman

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Jun 15, 2011
Wiltshire, UK
I'm sure many of you are aware that Rob's been working on the third album in his solo "Sanctuary" series, and you can probably guess that being as he's a huge fan of 5.1 he's mixed it in surround as well as stereo.

I've been play testing the 5.1 mix over the past few days and Rob's given me permission to post my thoughts. It'll be no surprise that it's another "Mike Oldfield" influenced album, but in my opinion he's used a much broader sound palette on this one and is also drawing from a broader set of influences. He's also developed and refined his own way of doing these albums, so although it still has that "signature" sound this one is very much more "Rob" and it's even better for it.

The surround mix is huge. Rob tells me it was written and recorded with the surround mix in mind and it really shows! It's an immersive, dynamic, sweeping, majestic soundscape that really drives the listener on a journey as the tracks (just 2, "side 1" and "side 2") develop.

Keep an eye on Rob's shop/web page:

For info on release dates, formats etc. (and don't forget that you can get pretty much all of his back catalog as 5.1 FLAC from this site/shop.)
Some news about new recording from Rob's Facebook:
"Had a great day mixing Sanctuary III, doing the 5.1 surround mixes. I cant believe how different the album sounds in 5.1. Its a really immersive experience. Its like being amongst a performance. It really does take the album to another level. The problem is that the format hasn't really been adopted by the masses. So I'm considering a 5.1 surround playback, for a small audience, in a nice sounding studio, to showcase the new album ?....It really is the way to hear the album ...."

And another one:
"So now into mixing Sanctuary III, again with help from the MASTER Tom Newman, Ive just had his mixes through and they are VERY special. Im planning a 3 disc edition, 2 CD and surround DVD. Im really excited it, I think its the best of the three. Ive learnt a lot over the period of making the first two, especially from Tom. So cant wait for everybody to hear it."

Can't wait to hear it!!!
I'm in for this as well. Have all Rob's music and have not been disappointed in any of his projects.

Wondering if this will be available as a 5.1 flac as can't believe I'm saying this but would probably order that over a cd\dvd copy as really starting to enjoy the speed of getting a download vs snail/mail and it's awesome to have flac's available off of a hard drive as it is easier to use than searching through shelf's and shelf's of music and my sloppy filing system as I quite often have newer titles loose near player and start building up stacks of stuff here and there.

A quick update on this as I've recently been play testing the final master of the surround sound DVD.
It's an absolute delight!
Hard to believe, I know, but he's raised the bar once again! Best compositions (much more of a confident and relaxed Rob "on a free rein" on this one, and all the better for it) his usual top notch standard of recording and the best surround mix of the three.
Quite a remarkable achievement.
It's the best yet, to my ears at least.
:) It has big, strong themes with huge dynamics and beautiful melodies, but I think the ebb, flow and build of the pieces overall is more relaxed and more cohesive than the previous two. Much of it seems to come directly from Rob having that confidence that comes with experience and as a result it has a more carefree feel to it's development so it goes places that the previous two didn't.'ll make sense when you hear it!

It's going to be a slightly bigger package than usual too. Two CDs, one with the full album (2*20 minute pieces) and the other with around 75mins of extra material, plus, of course, the DVD with DTS and AC3 surround and a boat load of additional material; interviews, and an extensive track-by-track (or section-by-section) analysis by Rob, with him playing the main parts on piano.