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Rate the DVD-A/BDA of RUSH - Moving Pictures

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Mar 2, 2002
I listened to the old Mercury CD, the MFSL CD, remastered tracks from Spirit of the Radio, and the deluxe CD and the DVD-A, both stereo and multi channel today. Having listened to all of them, my preference is for the 5.1 DVD-A tracks they are all that I'll listen to from now on.
So I'm a fan of this. DVD-A But at the same time, I can see that it's not going to everyone's cup of tea. I think that they favored the idea of keeping the sound similar to the original version over taking advantage of the multiple channels. In some places the surround effect is subtle, sounding almost like a Silverline disc, with echo or delay instead of separating the instruments. But what I think is really happening is that they had so many overdubbed guitar tracks to play with that they could put a couple of overdub tracks in the back channels and they still sound a lot like the front channels. With close listening you can tell the difference. There is a big sense of space when playining 5.1 that's just not there in the stereo versions. The drum and bass are more settled in their location than the guitars. The bass is in front, while the guitars are coming from everywhere at once. The surround effect is much better on the drums and organ than for the guitars, more discrete. Often you'll hear cymbals or cowbell or other percussion distinctly coming from behind, which I like. But they move things around a lot as the songs go on, which may bother some people. I'd be listening closely trying to discern some difference between the front and rear, and it would suddenly change. The guitars seem to be a little louder on this version than on the originals, I'm guessing that Alex's influence shows here.
Regarding the CD, I put this on immediately after listening to a couple of tracks from the MFSL version, and I had to quickly turn down the volume. It's quite a bit louder on the disc in this new version. I'm also hearing some lower level detail on the new disc is more obvious than on the older ones, probably the result of more compression. So I wouldn't recommend getting this just for the CD. I don't think that I can tell any difference between the CD and the stereo tracks of the DVD-A.
The video quality of the DVD portion is not good, it looks a lot like VHS tape. Overall, I'll give it an eight.
I posted this here because the other Thread was closed.

For those wondering about the price of the CD+DVD version, Best Buy is advertising it in their flyer this week for $17.99. I think I saw the list price as being $29.99. I picked it up this morning at a Burbank, CA store. They had 20 CD+Blu-ray & only 3 CD+DVD copies. I was thinking about grabbing all 3 DVD copies but I felt that two other people going to that store would be left out. I ordered the CD+Blu-ray copy a couple weeks back. It shipped several days ago but I still haven't received it. Probably, because of the release date, it will make an appearance in the mail today. I wanted both copies because I wanted to support this release, not because I wanted to compare the two versions. I will continue to purchase both versions if any further albums in the "Rush" catalog are released in surround. Oh, by the way, be careful when purchasing this disc because, other than a small sticker with the Blu-ray or DVD logo, both the CD+DVD & CD+Blu-ray copy have the exact same packaging.
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The local FYE store here has the CD+DVD version for $17.99 (same price as Best Buy).
I got the local Best Buy Canada (who have it listed at $19.99) to price match amazon.ca so it was only $14.49.

Amazon.ca is showing out of stock but BB either didn't notice or didn't care.

Unlike the picture in the first post here, the DVD Audio versions didn't have any stickers on the front.
Had to check the back to make sure it was the right one.
The BR variation was clearly marked and they more of them in stock than the DVD.

Cheapest DVD Audio I've ever bought at retail.
One of the front stickers are either red or blue. If it's red, it's DVDA. Blue=blu.

Listening to the DTS-MA of the blu-ray as we speak.

I am curious, are we going to get a separate poll place for the blu-ray on the HD poll page?
I posted this on another thread - but it probably belongs here

I just finished my first listen to the BD. I'm not ready to vote yet but my first impression is close but no cigar. I have no issue with the mix - not overly aggressive but not an ambient mix by any means - guitars, percussion, synths all find their way into the rears. After fiddling with my sub level, I am more satisfied with the bottom end but my biggest concern is the drums, which is a shame because I dig Neal Peart's playing - they just seen a little flat (but that may be the way they were originally recorded). I should point out that I was never a Rush fanboy but enjoyed the occasional casual listen. I can't speak passionately about how this compares to the original mix, what parts are missing, etc. But it's a fairly clean, dynamic surround mix as far as I can tell. The bonus video content does not benefit one bit from being on the Blu Ray - it is a 4.3 aspect ratio and very grainy - the audio is the same as the album - DTS HD MA - completely superfluous and for completists only.
Amazon shipped my DVD-A today, so I have both formats coming to me, hopefully one arrives this week so I can join in on the fun. I'm not a fanboy either and I don't expect there to be a difference between the two, its just weird that I have bought both versions.
Amazon shipped my DVD-A today, so I have both formats coming to me, hopefully one arrives this week so I can join in on the fun. I'm not a fanboy either and I don't expect there to be a difference between the two, its just weird that I have bought both versions.
Welcome to the two-fer club. ;)

I'm not sure which one to open first. :D
My initial impressions are a ditto of Elmer's. Not a long time fan, though I liked 'Hemispheres'..... much beyond ambience but not an agressive use of the surrounds, nice little teaser at the start of 'Witch Hunt' though. Yes, it came with a sticker...and it was red. Nice to have in the collection and with one fell swoop DVD-A has displaced SACD at the top of the rock/pop multichannel release wars again! John
Got my copy yesterday. Gonna give it a few more listens before I do my review. Though I will say this--it sounds great!
Hello. Excellent mix, IMO. Can't wait for the (hopefully) Vapour Trails 5.1. Would've given this a 10, but my copy HAD NO BOOKLET! I will schlepp back to BB tonight to rectify, maybe, because all I saw on the shelves before I did "Store Pick-Up" was a boatload of MP Blu-Rays. Whatever. Thanks.
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I don't know if it's the dearth of new product or the fact that this album hits some memories of being a teenager, but I really like the mix and hope that this is enough of a sales success to warrant some more titles... steve c