SBR - Q8 Fidelity "Enhancement"


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I've never heard a Q8 tape playback, the most recent time I heard a stereo 8 tape was in mid-1972 on a car stereo.

From what I've read here in QQ and, although cartridge tapes are recorded at 3 3/4 ips, the fidelity is limited (just checked the specs of a Pioneer H-R99):
30-12kHz & S/N 45dB

Some higher end A/V receivers have signal processors that claim to restore (fake?) missing treble in MP3 (and other data reduced) content, I was wondering if SBR (type) fake treble systems were useful in making Q8 tapes sound better?

Kirk Bayne
Never tried with a q8 transfer, the mp3 test i did long ago on such a technology was horrible.
The fidelity is limited, that's for sure, but it is not so drastic as 12K. There are crappy carts (Liberty and Ampex-yellow duplication) that are very limited in the upper range, others not so - RCA and Columbia USA duplicated are worthy, so EMI UK.