Se-405 dilemma


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Jun 14, 2005
I have a se-405 I got so long ago I forgot when and how much I paid for it. It has always been a lower middle of the road performance unit. I discarded the sc board and wired it only for mm use and once used box for a project but, I since have restored it to original as best I could. It does work, I just played Doors greatest CD-4 disc with a AT-14 cart. I can either get rid of it or scrap boards and use cabinet for other projects again, but will not restore unit rather I will toss internal boards.,
What say you?
Huh? My SE-405 is a wonderful performer.

I've had Pioneer Qx646 Qx949,SE 405,Harmon Kardon 800+ , Technics sh400, Heathkit 1507 and JVC 4dd demodulators.
I used an At15s with new needles ,but not until I got a AT14s and used it with a JVC4dd
did I finally have successful cd-4 playback
The AT14s works with all the units, but only the best performance comes from the JVC4dd.
Good to know the SE405 does perform. What cartridge do you use?
I have several. The following from a thread on another forum:

Pickering XUV - 4500Q, Empire 4000D (I, II, or III) Empire 440D, AT12S, AT14S, AT15Sa, AT20SLa, Stanton 780 with Q or 4DQ stylus, Panasonic EPC 450CII, EPC 451C semiconductor (strain gauge) cartridges.

The AT440MLa (b) cartridges, although not designated as quad cartridges, have been found to work well for CD-4. Maybe not quite up to the best cartridges designed for CD-4 in heavily modulate grooves, but generally good.

The Panasonic cartridges require a preamp/demodulator which can provide the bias current necessary for the cartridges to operate, of course. SE-405. SH-400 are the two most often mentioned

Some of the cartridges I listed have later versions, like the ATs. Styli with different designations but still CD-4-compatible.

I have all these cartridges with genuine styli and they all work fine.

Funny, I have (3) 4dd5 , 2 are NOS and only one of them has the best performance, the second
is slightly less and the third came from a AS980 akai and works fair.

I was disappointed that the SH400 and Heathkit that use the 28 pin chip only have fair
performance with my carts.
The Pioneers QX 646 and 949 both have fair performance as does the 800+