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Apr 23, 2019
Greenville, SC
Is there a place on line somewhere that shows all the various SACDs, DVD audio and Blue Ray audio discs available? The one for quad LPs, Q8's and Q4's is awesome.


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Nov 2, 2017
It does sadden me that the newer multi format players I’ve found will not play non-Red Book authored CD’s and hence the CD side of dual discs are useless with those players. I have Miles Kind Of Blue, Pete Ubu’s The Modern Dance, Motörhead’s Ace Of Spades, the Bjork Surrounded box and Talking Heads 77 & More Songs. Those are my titles in 5.1, plus I have some non multichannel Dual Discs in high res stereo (first 2 Jesus & Mary Chain albums and Fiona Apple’s Extraordinary Machone). But since moving to the UK, I picked up the first 2 Talking Heads plus Fear Of Music as proper CD + DVD-A 2 disc sets, which is how they came out here and some seem to be still in print and were at least recently on Amazon UK. The one that kinda bums me out in terms of the Red Book problem is one by Continental Op, a duo of Slint’s David Pajo (also of Zwan and Tortoise) and Will Oldham (aka Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy) since the music is only on the CD side and the DVD side holds the film that the music was recorded to score.


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Apr 18, 2006
San Jose, Ca.
I have ten Dual Discs. Six are by the Talking Heads, one by Pink, (I'm not Dead), Bon Jovi (Have a Nice Day), Gordon Goodwin's (Big Phat Band) and 3 Doors Down (Away From the Sun) front & back. Pics below.



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Since 2002/2003
Aug 2, 2002
Valley of Heart's Delight
My Dual Disc List
LabelFormatAlbum #ArtistTitle
Aware/Col.Dolby Dig.CN 92634Five for FightingThe Battle for Everything (DualDisc)
Aware/Col.Dolby Dig.CN 93564John MayerRoom For Squares (DualDisc)
ColumbiaDolby Dig.CN 90709TrainMy Private Nation (DualDisc)
ColumbiaDolby Dig.CN 90743David BowieReality (DualDisc)
ColumbiaDolby Dig.CN 90887Miles DavisKind of Blue (DualDisc)
ColumbiaDolby Dig.CN 93471Jessica SimpsonIn This Skin (DualDisc)
ColumbiaDolby Dig.CN 93617SwitchfootBeautiful Letdown, The (DualDisc)
ColumbiaDolby Dig.CN 93677John LegendGet Lifted (DualDisc)
ColumbiaDolby Dig.CN 93900Bruce SpringsteenDevils and Dust (DualDisc)
ColumbiaDolby Dig.CN 96427SwitchfootNothing Is Sound (DualDisc)
DeccaDolby Dig.B0004748-82BondExplosive the Best of Bond (DualDisc)
EpicDolby Dig.EN 93504Good CharlotteChronicles of Life and Death, The (DualDisc)
EpicDolby Dig.EN 93512Duran DuranAstronaut (DualDisc)
EpicDolby Dig.EN 93533Gretchen WilsonHere For The Party (DualDisc)
EpicDolby Dig.EN 93680ChevelleThis Type of Thinging (Could Do Us In) (DualDisc)
EpicDolby Dig.EN 94191Ben FoldsSongs For Silverman (DualDisc)
immergentDolby Dig.284101-2DishwallaOpaline (DualDisc)
ImmergentDolby Dig.284111-2Alan ParsonsA Valid Path (DualDisc)
JiveDolby Dig.82876-68133-2Three Days GraceThree Days Grace (DualDisc)
RCADolby Dig.82876-66007-2The 5 BrownsThe 5 Browns (DualDisc)
SLGDolby Dig.KIN 17562Andreas VollenweiderVOX (DualDisc)
Sony/BMGDolby Dig.82876-776672various...Two Sides To Every Story - DualDisc Demo 2-Ch only.
AlephDVD-AAleph 035Lalo SchifrinLetters from Argentina (DualDisc)
AtlanticDVD-A83715-2The DonnasGold Medal (DualDisc)
AtlanticDVD-A83723-2Rob Thomassomething to be (DualDisc)
EMIDVD-A72435 4427527Anne MurryI'll Be Seeing You (DualDisc)
InterscpeDVD-Ab0003762-82Nine_Inch_Nailsdownward sprial, the (DualDisc)
InterscpeDVD-AB0003785-82KeaneKeane Hopes and Fears (DualDisc)
InterscpeDVD-AB0004693-82Wallflowers, TheRebel, Sweethart (DualDisc)
InterscpeDVD-AHALO 19 DVD-ANine_Inch_Nails[WITH_TEETH] (DualDisc)
MCA NashvilleDVD-AB0004321-82Lee Ann WomackGreatest Hits (DualDisc)
MercuryDVD-AB0005246 82Bon JoviSlippery When Wet (DualDisc)
MyutopiaDVD-A284112-2TipperTipper Surrounded (DualDisc)
RepriseDVD-A49396-2Eric ClaptonBack Home (DualDisc)
RepublicDVD-AB0004700-823 Doors DownSeventeen Days (DualDisc)
SilverlineDVD-A284200-2Academy of St. JamesJohann Sebastian Bach, The Brandenburg Con. (DualDisc)
SilverlineDVD-A284216-2Netania DavrathCanteloube Songs Of The Auvergne - Davrath (DualDisc)
SilverlineDVD-A284217-2English Chamber Orch., Johannes SomaryHandel Water Music, Music for the Royal Fireworks (DualDisc)
SireDVD-AR2 76449Talking Heads77 (DualDisc)
SireDVD-AR2 76450Talking HeadsMore Songs About Buildings and Food (DualDisc)
SireDVD-AR2 76451Talking HeadsFear of Music (DualDisc)
SireDVD-AR2 76452Talking HeadsRemain In Light (DualDisc)
SireDVD-AR2 76453Talking HeadsSpeaking In Tongues (DualDisc)
SireDVD-AR2 76454Talking HeadsLittle Creatures (DualDisc)
SireDVD-AR2 76455Talking HeadsTrue Stories (DualDisc)
SireDVD-AR2 76457Talking HeadsNaked (DualDisc)
SiverlineDVD-A284223-2Pierre Monteux, London Symp. Orch.Tchaikovsky Romeo and Juliet, ... Symp. 5 (DualDisc)
SiverlineDVD-A284511-2Jack BruceJack Bruce: Shadows In The Air (DualDisc)
SiverlineDVD-A284513-2COCCOC America's Volume Dealer (DualDisc)
SiverlineDVD-A284525-2The FixxThe Fixx 1011 Woodland (DualDisc)
SiverlineDVD-A284554-2Gary Numan Anthology (DualDisc)
SiverlineDVD-A284576-2STYXCyclorama (DualDisc)
SiverlineDVD-A284599-2BlondieThe Curse Of Blondie (DualDisc)
VerveDVD-AB0003806-82Jamie CullumTwentysomething (DualDisc)
WarnerDVD-A49377-2Dire StraitsBrothers in Arms (DualDisc)