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Now for the oranges.
My brother, a retired OR nurse, spent 10 years active duty in the Navy and 15 years in the Army Reserves. He is also 35 years clean and sober. Like all people in recovery, he has his stories to tell. He used to sit in stands when his Navy unit played another unit in softball. After some unsportsmanlike drunken behavior in the stands one day, they banned alcohol intake by any spectators. His response was to get a large bag of oranges and a bottle of vodka, plus also a syringe from medical supply. Before the next game he loaded each orange with an unhealthy (or healthy, depending on your point of view) dose of vodka. He took a cooler filled with oranges to the next game, happily "eating" them (if "eating" is the right word to use) and refusing to share while enjoying the game. To this day, he has no recollection as to which team won. Boys and girls, the surgeon general advises you not to engage in such behavior.