SQ*Final Script for Adobe Audition v3


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Can you PM me the text from your script, and I can compare it to mine which I had to make some alterations to.
Hang on!

Did you download and install phasebug? Also, did you go into Audition and select: Effects, VST Plug-in Manager... and enable phasebug?
Thanks for this, I just tried SQPlus yesterday, will try this today to compare. Thanks to OD for releasing it. I'm now finding a lot of threads regarding software decoding, but they can be hard to find would be nice if hey could all be lumped together somehow.
I accidentally found this works with 16/48 files too. Will probably try the decode again from an upsampled file to see if there's major improvement.
With a brief cursory listen on headphones I didn't spot any increased separation, but it didn't seem to take any longer to run the script, so in case I was missing on extra detail I stuck at 32/96. Although what benefit that really provides by the time it's been downsampled and data compressed remains to be seen... Exciting to be using the script again.