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You mentioned A-Ha’s “Take On Me.” Did you mix the entire Hunting High and Low (1985) album in Atmos, or just that one single?

Well, that's an interesting question. Who knows? [smiles]


That'd be great though! That's a great album.
...the delicious Storm Corrosion (with the Opeth Mikael Åkerfeldt).
I could tell he was really excited about mixing this one in Atmos, the results are bound to be incredible. That said, it's still an album I struggle with ("Hag" usually gets skipped) and I can't quite see dropping $60 for a deluxe edition in the vein of the new PT album.
Great interview! Thanks so much! So much good information.

I didn't realize that Paul Sinclair licensed the rights to issue the physical edition of "The Tipping Point". That's a really good sign if the major labels are willing to let boutique labels issue physical product they don't want to bother with if it's at a rate that they can make a profit with 2,500 copies sold.

Certainly helps to have someone like Wilson in our corner for getting as much physical product out there as possible.

Sad news about the XTC's. Great news about The Who and hopefully more TFF!
Another nice tid-bit. :)

There are so many I’ve done – many of which haven’t even come out on streaming yet – that I’m talking to Paul about.

Even if so much of it is relegated to streaming (at least for the time being) we really are in a new golden-age for surround, that's for sure.
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