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I've used haikubass nuumbers:
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Looking good!!:)
Yes! 2016 skould be 104 not 106. Thx!
Here the right one comes:
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I did post on another thread that 2017 is a lackluster year for anticipated multichannel releases. Doubtful, that 2016's 104 multis will be equalled this year. What we can anticipate are a few more from AF, perhaps some additional Sony Japan Santana QUADS and I know Dutton Vocalion probably won't make any more announcements until November/December 2017.

It is good news that SONY Hong Kong is re~releasing a few of their single layered multichannel SACDs and hopefully that trend will continue. And perhaps we'll finally see Steve Wilson's MUCH anticipated Tears For Fears: Seeds 5.1 remaster. And of course, Alan Parsons Eye In the Sky.

Other than that, the multichannel release schedule for 2017 seems rather grim. Except for the VERY occasional AF multi, the American reissue companies have little or NO interest in releasing multichannel titles and I don't anticipate that trend to change which leaves SONY Japan/Hong Kong and UK's Dutton Vocalion to continue a few multi SACD releases a year. And of course, that occasional multi title from independent artists from band camp, etc. who seemingly have turned to downloads rather than releasing on physical disc.

Universal and Warners are sadly MIA and unless Warner/Rhino can pull another Chicago Quadio~like boxset out of their hat, nothing anticipated on that horizon, either.

The year is still young and we can only hope that this lackluster trend will pick up steam in future months.
Were we not saying the same thing here at the beginning of 2016. Then all of a sudden. I'm just guessing but the people who mix these for surround are hopefully in the studios right now hard at work mixing future titles. After all these people are just like us and would rather be playing golf or baseball in the summer months rather than sitting behind a mixing board.
I see Brian Wilson "That Lucky Old Sun" on the list, but no listing in the forum (that I could find). Anyone heard the surround mix on this?
I see Brian Wilson "That Lucky Old Sun" on the list, but no listing in the forum (that I could find). Anyone heard the surround mix on this?

It's a really good mix for a live-in-the-studio performance. Dolby Digital. Not totally discrete, but the instruments are placed in all channels and the soundfield sounds satisfying. The audience is almost non-present, the applaus is very sparse. The narratives from the studio version are left intact, FWIK. No further intermissions, though.
Some unorthodox mixing choices here, too, like different instruments in the centre and the main vocal rather in the rears. But it's all good.
Oh, and to avoid any misconception - it's this version. And here's the DVD trailer.
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2017 has just beated the number of 2016 surround releases according to haikubass' lists.
My guess that's the best source in the world!:)


And the year is not over yet!
At least one more from will come in a few weeks; An EP of John Hickey - The Storm Tree Suite
Ooooooops!!! Wrong numbers (reused 2016).... damn.... Sorry!
So it seems 2017 will not be as good as 2016, but better that the previous years tho....

As it is now :

Hoping for more up to x-mas!;)
Nice! A small nitpick… These Nick Cave albums are in fact separate releases:
Let Love In
Murder Ballads
The Boatman's Call
No More Shall We Part
Abattoir Blues & The Lyre of Orpheus
Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!