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Technics quad 8 track R868us

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Philip Spinner

1K Club - QQ Shooting Star
Apr 8, 2007
Southwest Connecticut
Blue or Green?
I'm not sure what you mean by blue. I have both the green and the clear (blue?). The clear has the noise suppressor switch while the green does not. BTW, both are broken. Any opinions on where to send for repair. Would really like to get them up and running. I was thinking of contacting quad Bob but he seems to be very busy. Phil


600 Club - QQ All-Star
Mar 3, 2004
Cedartown, Georgia
I would recommend Quad Bob. You are correct, he is very busy, but his quality is worth waiting for, in my humble opinion.

MTGC (Michael)


Well-known Member
Aug 13, 2004
The color of the VU meters is simply a function of the color of a piece of plastic that covers the face of each bulb. Find apiece of orange plastic the right size and that can take the heat of the bulbs, and you can have orange meters on your RS-858 if you like.