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Tull through time:

Feb. 02, 1968 > Jethro Tull begins with their first concert at London's Marquee Club. The group includes Ian Anderson, Mick Abrahams, Clive Bunker and Glenn Cornick.
Feb.16, 1968 > The single Sunshine Day/Aeroplane miscredited as Jethro Toe is released.

Jan. 24, 1969 > Jethro Tull's first USA concert was at New York's Fillmore East opening for Blood Sweat & Tears.
Jan. 24, 1970 > The British magazine New Music Express chose Tull as best new group by more than 3,000 votes.
Jan. 17, 1975: Tull opens the WarChild tour at the Civic Center in
Nashville, Tennessee, the first of nearly 100 U.S. shows in 1975.
Jan. 21, 1971: First Tull show in Austria, at the Konzerthaus in
Jan. 30, 1971: Tull plays Switzerland for the first time, playing at
Jan. 31, 1975: In an attempt to satisfy demand after selling out five
shows in Los Angeles, Tull begins a two-night stand at the Sports Arena in San Diego.
Jan. 1976: M. U. The Best Of JT is released. Feb. 13, 1969 A four-night stand at the Boston Tea Party begins during Tull's first visit to America.
Jan. 08, 1994: Ian Anderson plays an acoustic solo set at the Tull
convention in Altenkirchen, Germany.
Jan. 09, 1969: The show billed with Jimi Hendrix at the Konserthaus in
Stockholm, Sweden, was the second time playing outside England for Tull.
Jan. 10, 1969: Tull plays its second Denmark show, at the Falconer
Center in Copenhagen,
Jan. 11, 1971: Tull plays its first show in Norway, at the Konserthuset
in Oslo.
Jan.11, 1980: BBC2 broadcasts a one - hour Tull documentary on the
program Arena.
Jan. 16, 1977: At the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles, formal
black tie dress is required in the 471-seat Founders Circle for a Tull
1994 First-ever Tull concert in India at the Rang Bhawan in
Jan. 1988: Keyboardist Martin Allcock joins Tull, replacing Don Airey.

Feb. 13, 1969 A four-night stand at the Boston Tea Party begins during Tull's first visit to America.
1994 First-ever Tull concert in India at the Rang Bhawan in
Feb. 21, 1970 Fans riot and smash up the glass-walled Jahrunderthalle
venue at Tull's first-ever German show, in Frankfurt.
Feb. 23, 1994 First ever Hong Kong concert at the Ko Shan Theatre.
Feb. 24, 1981 "A" tour ends with a concert at the Palais Des Sports in
Lyons, France, followed by a 14-month hiatus.
Feb ?? 1981 Tull performs "Crossfire" and "Fylingdale Flyer" on the
British "Rockpop" TV show.
Feb. 26&27, 1994 At the Magog Motorcycle Club 20th anniversary Tull
performs in New Plymouth, New Zealand.
Feb. 03, 1975 The first of five soldout concerts at the Los Angeles Forum, drawing a record crowd of 93,000 people.
Feb. 10, 1975 Crowd noise at the LA Forum causes Anderson to stop playing and he urges everyone to scream for awhile and get it out of their systems. 1977 The "Sight&Sound" TV recording is done at "The Golden Green Hippodrome" in London.
Feb. 11, 1970 The "Witch's Promise" single reaches No. 3 on the U.S. charts.
Feb. 1969 "This Was" is released in America.

March 6, 1971: Jethro Tull appears on the cover of Record Mirror mag.
March 9, 1976: Tull guests on BBC-TV's Old Grey Whistle Test.
March 9, 1992: Rocks On The Road single is released.
March 13, 1969: Tull debuts at San Francisco's Filmore West.
March 13, 1992: Drummer Dave Mattacks and keyboardist Andy Giddings
make their first live appearance with Tull at the Pavilion in Plymouth, England. It is the first of three separate tours for 1992.
March 16, 1985: In honour of J.S. Bach's 300th birthday, Tull plays
Bach's "Double Violin Concerto" in Berlin. Keyboardist/violinist Eddie
Jobson is reuinited with the band for this performance.
March 21, 1996: Tull plays its first Bolivian concert at the Estadio
Silas in La Paz.
March 25, 1996: Following Anderson's knee injury in Peru, Tull starts
the 11-show U.S. wheelchair tour, at the Electric Factory in
March 27, 1975: In a Rolling Stone interview, Anderson tells of ordering
his now-legendary codpiece for his medieval minstrel costume.
March 28, 1947: John Spencer Evans is born in Blackpool, England.
More March Stuff....
1976: Anderson tells the Comment newspaper that Too Old to Rock 'n' Roll
began as a musical for Adam Faith, but the project was abandoned.
1996: While on tour in South America, almost all members of the Tull
tour entourage are stricken with food poisoning. One member of the road crew is hospitalized in serious condition.
Also on this tour, Anderson injures his left knee which subsequently requires surgery.

April 1, 1982: Drummer Gerry Conway and keyboardist Peter-John Vettese
debut live with Tull in Oslo, Norway.
April 1, 1975: Ian Anderson badly twists an ankle on stage at a concert
near Kiel, Germany.
April 5, 1970: John Evan makes his first appearance with Tull in
April 6, 1977: In California, at the Anaheim Convention Centre, Jethro
Tull plays Beethoven's "Ninth Symphony" second and fourth movements,
April 10, 1979: Dark Haiti bootleg is recorded in Seattle.
April 15, 1975: Tull performs in Yugoslavia for the first time.
April 16, 1987: Clive Bunker tells an interviewer that he gave
then-future Tull drummer Doan Perry his first drum lesson when Perry was 14 years old.
April 19, 1970: My God bootleg is recorded in Long Beach Arena in
April 21, 1991: Martin Barre runs the London Marathon.
April 22, 1985: Ian Anderson is the subject of an article in People
magazine, entitled, "Rocker Ian Anderson as a Salmon Farmer."
April 27, 1993: Tull celebrates its 25th anniversary and the 25th
anniversary of WMMR-FM radio, by playing at the Spectrum in
April 1980 Tull plays "North Sea Oil" and "Old Ghosts" on the show
April 23 - Glenn Cornick's birthday

May 01, 1976: Bassist John Glascock's first performance with Tull.
May 01, 1979: John Glascock performs for the last time with Tull.
May 02, 1982: Jethro Tull is featured on Italian TV on a show called 'Roma 7up'.
May 08, 1969: Tull's first performance at the Royal Albert Hall, London.
May 09, 1978: Heavy Horses video aired on 'The Old Grey Whistle Test' on
May 13, 1982: Tull's concert at Wembley Arena in London is heralded by
the Daily Telegraph newspaper as the group's most skillfully executed
show in ten years.
May 24, 1970: Tull's first Canadian show, at the Autostade in Montreal.
May 28, 1969: Tull's first Irish show, at the National Stadium in
May 29, 1982: German TV broadcasts Rockpop '82, featuring Tull's
performance at the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund.
May 30, 1973: I had a wonderful time as I enjoyed Tull's performance at Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens.
May 1971: Ian Anderson appears on the front cover of Hit Parader Mag.
May 1973: Creem mag.: The cover teaser is "Jethro Tull in Vietnam?"
May 1980: Drummer Mark Craney becomes the first non-British member of
Jethro Tull, replacing Barriemore Barlow.
May 1996: During an Australian tour, Ian Anderson develops a blood clot
in his leg and is hospitalized. This stems from surgery to repair his
knee injury suffered weeks earlier in Peru.

01, 1988: Martin Allcock makes his live debut with Jethro Tull at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in California, USA.
02, 1983: A documentary on Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull airs on BBC2, called "Food and Drink".
07, 1982: Jethro Tull performs on "Late Night with David Letterman." (NBC)
10, 1971:Jethro Tull concert at Red Rocks near Denver, Colorado, USA,
fans riot, and are tear-gassed, many are arrested or injured.
12, 1994: At a festival in Bucharest, Jethro Tull plays Romania for the
first time.
14, 1997: At the Amphitheatre in Presov, Jethro Tull plays it's first
show in the Slovak Republic.
15, 1982: Ian Anderson guests on the "Cleveland Afternoon Exchange" TV program.
16, 1954: Doane Ethredge Perry is born in Mt. Kisco, NY, USA.
17, 1993: The Utrecht Music Center in Holland hosts a concert by Jethro Tull. 1996: Aqualung 25th anniversary edition is released. The CD is remastered from the original version and includes an interview track.
19, 1976: Jethro Tull performs on the "Midnight Special" TV show on
20, 1991: David Palmer performs at the "Montreal International Festival
of Music" in Canada.
26, 1992: Gerry Conway returns for a Jethro Tull show in Zurich,
27, 1988: The Crest of a Knave tour banner is stolen after a concert at
The Pier in NY, USA, Anderson issues a plea for its return.
30, 1986: Jethro Tull performs its first show in Israel, at Yarkon Park
in Tel Aviv.
June 1970: Ian Anderson appears in "Life" mag. 1994 Drummer Marc Parnell
fills in for Doane Perry during Jethro Tull concerts this month.

02, 1986: At the MKT Stadium in Budapest, Jethro Tull plays its
first-ever show in Hungary.
05, 1972: At the Town Hall in Auckland, Jethro Tull plays its first-ever
show in New Zealand.
07, 1972: At the Festival Hall in Melbourne, Jethro Tull plays its
first-ever show in Australia.
10, 1963: Andrew Giddings is born in Pembury, Kent, England.
15, 1971: Jonathan Mark Thomas Noyce is born in Sutton, Coldfield,
15, 1972: Jethro Tull plays its first show in Japan, in Tokyo.
19, 1988: Clive Bunker plays drums on "Fat Man" at the Wembley Arena in
England, celebrating the bands 20th ann..
20, 1991: Jethro Tull plays for the first time in Estonia, at a festival
in Tallinn.
21, 1982: Phil Collins plays drums for Jethro Tull at the Prince's Trust
charity concert in London's Dominion Theatre.
22, 1971: Ian Anderson gets his picture on the cover of the "Rolling
Stone" magazine.
23, 1976: Jethro Tull plays to 55,000 fans at Shea Stadium, NY.
24, 1992: Dave's son, bassist Matthew Pegg, makes his live debut with Jethro Tull in Switzerland at the Nyon festival.
25, 1970: Ian Anderson stops a performance in Miami, Florida, to collect donations for bailing out fans, police had busted.
26, 1988: Jethro Tull plays "Girl From Ipanema" in Belo, Horizonte,
Brazil, during the band's first-ever South American show.
30, 1947: Bassist Jeffrey Hammond is born.
More July--1979: Bassist Dave Pegg joins Jethro Tull. 1995: Dave Pegg leaves Jethro Tull because of a heavy workload and conflicts with Fairport Convention.

Aug. 03, 1970 Tull plays Central Park in New York
Aug. 09, 1968 20,000 attend as Tull performs at the Sunbury Jazz & Blues festival, England.
Aug. 10, > Ian Anderson’s birthday
Aug. 30, 1969 “Stand Up” tops the British Top 20
Aug. 30, 1970 Tull plays at the legendary Isle Of Wight festival.
Aug. 30, 1984 …after a two-year absence Tull performs at Caird Hall, Dundee, Scotland.
August 1973 “A Passion Play” reaches #1 on the American charts.

Sept. 01, 1990 Jethro Tull on a bill with Fleetwood Mac - 80,000 attend London’s Wembley Stadium
Sept. 03, 1991 The album “Catfish Rising” is released.
Sept. 04, 1995 The album “Roots To Branches” is released.
Sept. 16, 1995 “Roots To Branches” tour begins at the Sands Centre in Carlisle, England
Sept. 18, 1989 Start of the “Rock Island” tour
Sept. 20, 1969 Pop poll-Melody Maker votes Tull most popular British group behind the Rolling Stones
Sept. 27, 1969 Ian Anderson lost his coat to wild fans at the National Stadium in Dublin, Ireland –The Album “Stand Up” is released.
More September stuff:
1975 Recorded in Monte Carlo “Minstrel In The Gallery” is released. “Minstrel In The Gallery” is my favourite album.
1979 “Stormwatch” recorded at Ian Anderson’s London studio is released.
1980 “A” is released as a Jethro Tull album-in the beginning it was intended to be a solo project of Ian Anderson.
1984 …from Ian Anderson’s home studio “Under Wraps” is released.
1987 …first studio album in three years, Hard Rock Grammy winner “Crest Of A Knave" is released.
1989 “Rock Island" is released. Recorded at Dave Pegg’s home studio and Ian Anderson’s home studio.

October 27, 1977 Ian Anderson purchases Strathaird, a 15,000-acre estate on Scotland's Isle of Skye.
October 03, 1969 “Sweet Dream” single released
October 09, 1978 Madison Square Garden, New York is broadcast by satellite around the world, (Jethro Tull was the first rock group to appear ‘live’ from the USA to UK television).
October 12, 1979 Ian Anderson receives a rose in the eye from a female fan during a Madison Square Garden NY show. Anderson wears a patch and two shows are canceled.
October 20, 1972 Release Of “Living In The Past”
October 21 1985 “Original Masters” is released
…in October
1968 “This Was” released in England
1974 “WarChild” is released
1978 “Bursting Out” live is released
1997 “Thick As A Brick” 25th 9 (plus live) anniversary edition is released in the USA.
1997 Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs release a complete version of “Living In The Past”

Nov. 04, 1970 Jethro Tull is the first rock band to play New York’s Carnegie Hall
Nov. 9, 1992 Anderson's prize harmonica is stolen from the Saint Denis
Theatre (Theater) in Montreal. Ian offers a reward for it's return.
Nov. 12, 1980 The Slipstream Video is filmed at the L.A. Sports Arena
in California, including live footage from the A tour.
November 22, 1993: Release date for Nightcap.
November 24, 1984: Ian Anderson suffers laryngitis. Jethro Tull cancels
its second and third shows at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles.
November 29, 1968: Release date for the Christmas Song/Love Story single.
November 30, 1996: Glenn Cornich undergoes open-heart surgery. Misses an appearance with Wild Turkey, at the UK Jethro Tull convention.
Nov. 17, 1946 Martin Lancelot Barre is born in Kings Heath, Birmingham, England.
Nov. 17, 1987 Tull appears on MTV for an interview and two live songs.
November 5, 1993: Jethro Tull performs their first show in Argentina,
at the Estadio Obras in Buenes Aires.
November 7, 1970: In New Music Express, Ian Anderson says that his original reason for wanting to start a group, was to meet girls.
November 20, 1969: Jethro Tull begins the first of four consecutive sold-out shows, at the Filmore West in San Francisco.
November 21, 1987: At a benefit for world hunger, held at the United
Nations, in New York, Jethro Tull plays an acoustic set for Hungerthon 1987.
1976 "Ring Out Solstice Bells" EP is released.
1977 "Repeat: The Best of Jethro Tull is released.
1983 Ian Anderson's first solo album "Walk Into Light" is released.

Dec. 3, 1977: WOR-TV in New York records a Jethro Tull video special called "Minstrel in the Gallery"
Dec. 7, 1977: The concert documentary "Minstrel in the Gallery" airs on WOR-TV, New York.
Dec. 5, 1984: While touring Australia, Ian Anderson is told that his young son was rushed to hospital with peritonitis. Anderson flies to England for his son's operation. He then returns to Melbourne for a show that night.
Dec. 9, 1975: Ian Anderson is featured on the cover of Circus Mag.
Dec. 14, 1969: Jethro Tull is scheduled to play a soldout show in Chicago at the Kinetic Playground. But, the show is moved to the Aragon Ballroom because the Playground allegedly is burned down by gangsters
Dec. 18, 1984: Tull appears on an American TV show called Rock Influences, which covers the history of progressive rock.
Dec. 1970 Tull performs "Witch's Promise" on the British TV show Top of the Pops.
Dec. 1983 Ian Anderson performs "Fly by Night" on the Leo Sayer show for BBC.
Dec. 1991 Ian Anderson appears on the cover of Music Collector Mag.
Dec 11, 1968: At the Rolling Stones Rock & Roll Circus in England, future Black Sabbath founder Tony Iommi plays his only show as Tull's guitarist. Jethro Tull were the "new kids" invited as guests on the show at the request of a Rolling Stone member or two.??
Dec. 1968: Guitarist Mick Abrahams leaves Tull over musical differences with Ian Anderson.
Dec. 1970: Bassist Glenn Cornick leaves Tull to form the band Wild Turkey and is replaced by Jeffrey Hammond.
Dec. 1987: Ian Anderson gives a one-minute Christmas message on BBC-TV.
Dec. 1987: In an interview for A New Day, John Evans reveals that his stage act and dress were inspired by his love for comedian Chico Marx.

NASA STS-126 Report #24 Wednesday, November 26, 2008 - 9:00 a.m. CST
NASA STS-126 Report #24 Wednesday, November 26, 2008 - 9:00 a.m. CST
Endeavour crew members, Commander Chris Ferguson, Pilot Eric Boe and mission specialists Pettit, Steve Bowen, Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper, Kimbrough and Greg Chamitoff, were awakened at 6:55 a.m. The song was "North Sea Oil," by Jethro Tull. It was played for Bowen.


Jethro Tull!​

I enjoyed reading your article about the interesting choices for this year. I had the pleasure of visiting the Rock & Roll Hall Fame and Museum in Cleveland a few years ago.

For several years I have been writing to try and get a terrible oversight corrected. How is Jethro Tull not in the RRHOF? More than 50 years on, they still have a tremendous influence on rock music. They still tour. And the XM stations I listen to still play them quite a lot.

I first saw Tull on their (1972) “Thick as a Brick” tour. (Tull founder) Ian Anderson did a retrospective tour concert in San Diego a few years ago. And they will be back in town this year!

Can you or someone please get them on the ballot and into the Hall? Thank you.

Barry Sakin
San Diego
10. Farm On The Freeway
When the album came out, I don’t think I fully appreciated Farm on the Freeway. Which is odd since I was raised in a farming area that saw some of the things talked about in the lyrics. My grandfather and one of his brother used to be farmers, too.

But over time that song has risen to the very upper part of my list of favorite Tull songs. Probably another case of age giving me a different perspective on lyrics in songs.
Was that article written with the help of ChatGPT? Very flowery, overly descriptive-yet-meaningless statements. Locomotive Breath has no organ intro. Dee Palmer had nothing to do with Aqualung AFAIK. "What sets "War Child" apart from other Jethro Tull albums is its conceptual nature, exploring the theme of war in different forms." - definitely a big fat no.
The album art depicts a futuristic character holding a baby amidst a battlefield, created by artist John Lee alongside Anderson's guidance.

(Source: When Jethro Tull Dialed Down Then Rocked Out on 'War Child')
The source doesn't support any of that.