The fostex is up and running again.


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Thanks. frustrating to put in so much time into something and get so little out, and to be doing things that I know I will only want to redo.....but, must keep doing things in order to figure out all the necessary tweaks while working towards perfection. Between the flaws of it, it still is the best way to get all the sound out of a Q8 that is there to get, fine tuning the azimuth adjustment for the playback of each tape really does make a world of difference. But between the EQ issues, the noise issues that arose from bypassing the EQ issues, the loose adjustment screws, the mismatching of the 2 heads mounted to the unit....I'm questioning if the whole project needs to be scrapped and a new one started. I think starting with a reel deck that was meant for 3 3/4 playback may be the way to go, and finding 2 identical Q8 heads. But then that means figuring out how to mount 2 Q8 heads to a reel deck. Or, 1 head that is adjustable enough to move between the 2 programs (which I did do last night to finish up the Q8 recording that I just have to get in, luckily head 2 just makes it to where I need it to playback program 1, but that means more head adjusting per conversion, and then I'm going to wear out those adjustment holes...), not to mention, I'm still unhappy with the level of noise.

I suppose once I get settled into wherever I end up after the inevitable move back to the east side of the country this year, I'm going to rethink this project and perhaps start anew. But, at least this time around has been an educational experience, and I did manage to get a few projects in the pipeline that may have worthy results.

I think this weekend I'm gonna finish up a few things, and then break for a few weeks to gear up for CD4 mode for when my JVC CD4-10 arrives. Hopefully in working condition, fingers crossed, but when buying things from Japan as just don't know...