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Is the INXS collection available digitally or streaming. I only know of Kick.
I wonder if the INXS Blu-ray was set to include an exclusive 5.1 mix, like the other SDEs have had. If so... damn. I'm happy for those who'll be able to stream and enjoy in Atmos, but for those of us who aren't Atmos equipped, this feels like another dagger for the future of dedicated 5.1 (as opposed to depending on downmixes).
Just reported over on SDE:

The "INXS compilation [The Very Best] was all set to be the fifth in the SDE Surround Series of exclusive Atmos blu-ray products when I was informed a few days before we were due to announce that it wouldn’t be going ahead. I do not know the reason why. I’m sorry we couldn’t bring you what would have been a very exciting physical release."

Well that's a bummer. @PaulatSDE , despite the outcome on this one, please know that everyone here appreciates your continued efforts in keeping surround-sound blu-rays alive. Looking forward to hearing Gilbert & Shakespeare's Sister when they arrive!
Wow, how disappointing. INXS was one I was hoping might be a contender for #5. Truly strange times for physical product!
Steven Wilson’s Atmos mix of The Grateful Dead’s American Beauty would also be a killer addition to the series.
I didn't know he did that one? Is he working on that, or you are just saying it would be nice if true?

I'd much rather have Blues For Allah or Mars Hotel in 5.1 or Atmos being that American Beauty (and Working Man's Dead) was already done on Warner DVD-A and sounds wonderful in 5.1.
Hi Paul. Thanks for coming on the website and showing interest. We will be watching for your posts with high interest. I missed the Gilbert o sullivan disc! if any more become available or if you held some back, I would love to get a copy. thanks