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Van Morrison - Moondance (deluxe)


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Apr 23, 2013
Central Illinois
This title has been SOLD

Hello QQ! This is my original copy, purchased back when it was first released. I've debated and fought with myself on this one. I will likely regret selling it. But, I think it deserves a home from someone who demands a physical copy, and loves the music. Hard for me to know the value, but I see there are not many, if any available in the US.

Looks like you can buy a copy, used, for $100 more or less. So, my copy is near mint (it's perfect, only opened obviously)

I'll sell my copy, on the lower 48, via Paypal for $65 shipped. Non negotionable. If this doesn't sell in the next 2 days, I'm pulling it. Just testing the waters on this one.
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