Wanted - 2 disc SACD case

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Dec 26, 2018
Ugh......I need the old style.
Yeah, those are tough to find. 😕 Moreover, there are two distinct types of slim-hinged SACD SJBs. There's the type with a side clasp opposite the spine - as the square-hinged SJBs also have - and the type with no clasp, similar to a standard CD case. The claspless SJBs also hold booklets the same way as a standard CD case - at top and bottom - while the clasped cases hold booklets from the left and right, like the larger SJB sizes do.

Hope is not lost, though! 😁 In the case of the claspless SJBs, some DVD-singles of the early 2000s were released in those. I stumbled upon a used copy of Richard Ashcroft's Check The Meaning DVD-single in a record shop, and at $3 (~US$2) it was a great opportunity to perform an old switcheroo, to replace the cracked case of my Rage Hard SACD. 😎 I hope this is helpful.


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Apr 15, 2016
New Berlin, WI
Were the heyday DVD-Audio releases in "Plus" or "King" SJBs? "Plus" is slightly taller than "Standard," whereas "King" is around the same size as a standard DVD keep case.

Hi all out there,
I wondered if anyone eventually ever found some of the SJB plus size cases? I'm looking for 5 or so cases.
I checked all the links provided here but they seem to be dead ends.
I'm using them for dvd-a's...I'm looking for some with the small size hinge ( ..but larger hinge would work, just a bit of cutting on the paper inlay @ top/bottom).
The case size would be approx. 5.6" x 6" (..this size is also 5 5/8" x 6" & 142mm x 152mm).
I found some on Amazon that are a 2 disc type case, the correct size & appear they'd would work: https://www.amazon.com/Original-Super-Fliptray-Double-SJBPlusFliptray-King/dp/B01A61SG62?
.....but this is for 100 cases & w/ shipping it's $120. Ouch!! Too many & too much. . In this original image here, it appears the largest size of the 3 is the correct one.
I'm wondering if anybody else found any SJB plus cases? Happy thanksgiving to everyone!