HiRez Poll War - THE WORLD IS A GHETTO [Blu-Ray Audio]


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I have owned this Album in every format from Vinyl, 8-Track, Cassette, Reel to Reel, Compact Disc, and most recently, re-mastered Vinyl. However, I must admit that sonically, this is the best this Album has ever sounded. I can see this being sold used on the market for a grand in the future, but I hope Rhino continues to make it available. Hopefully, they don't have any limitations on their license to produce this in Quad. Its excellent.
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I'm another stranger to this album, fairly sure I've never heard these tracks other than when this quadio was announced and I checked out a song or two on Youtube. Based on that I initially passed, but when it came up for sale used on QQ it seemed like a worthy chance.

Like AWB, this was a very enjoyable album and musically accessible despite being something out of my usual interests. Jazz jam band? Not really sure how to label this, not that it matters. The sound profile of the mix was spot on, crisp and full. There were a lot of active moments in the mix, especially on City, Country, City where the entire room was filled with layers of percussion with sax and organ leads plowing through. On all the tracks the instruments were clearly heard and I couldn't find a fault anywhere in the presentation.

Forced to nudge this one to 9.5 thus a 10. Sorry AWB.
My brother bought a cassette tape of this album when it came out in 1972. He played it on a cheap mono tape player that he had.. That's how we listened to music back then. He bought it because he liked "Cisco Kid", which AM radio was playing at the time. I was not prepared for what other worlds the album would open up for me, as a kid who only listened to the two megawatt Chicago radio stations, WCFL and WLS. Sure there was Motown, but this was my first foray into jazz, latin and soul . . . and funky harmonica playing. It was mind blowing at the time. When I bought my first stereo, this was one of the first albums I bought. When it was finally released on CD, I bought it immediately. "The World Is a Ghetto" has been in pretty regular rotation for me for 50 years. Now I have it for the first time in multichannel.

One word: Wow.

This Quadio release is wonderful. It sounds great. It exceeded my expectations. The whole album is awesome, but I grinned from ear to ear listening to "City, Country, City". It was like being an excited 13 year old kid again.

This is a definite 10.

Here's to hoping they release the quad version of "Deliver the Word", and here's to hoping its sounds as grand.
Surround mix: 15 of 30%
The quad mix could be better. I like the title track and City, country, city. The latter is the highlight of the set. Average mix for the other tracks.

Fidelity: 25 of 30%
Fidelity is pretty good, considering this is 50 years old. It’s not state of the art but I doubt it can be better for the remaster of the original stereo and quad mixes.

Contents: 30 of 30%
Amazing album.

Packaging, including stereo mix, price etc. 10%
Great stereo remaster, reasonably priced release.

Total 8/10
Initially disappointed due to significant lack of bass and no signal whatsoever to my woofer (I have satellite speakers). Then, based on advice from the liner notes re bass management (which Rhino include in every one of their booklets, sometimes several times, to fill up space I suspect), I realised that my old Onkyo AVR (truly, truly old) had no 'bass management' facility. So now I have a new AVR (out the window with the old one) and Atmos, and all is as described by others. Wonderous.
I had only heard "The Cisco Kid" song on the radio, this Quadio is the first time I heard the whole album.

I've listened to this album about 10 times now, I like songs 1 and 5 the best, the quad mix is very good, I'm giving an 8 for the the quad mix and the music.

Kirk Bayne
Bought this LP back during the Cisco Kid radio days, and it definitely stuck out from my Who/Genesis/Yes/Springsteen album collection. IIRC, they played a shortened version of the title song on the radio and getting to hear the full version, along with City Country City made this a keeper.

Hadn't played it in decades and was delighted to get the Quadio, Definite 10 from me.
Of the last four this is the one that I wanted the most! Highlights are the title track "The World is a Ghetto", "Cisco Kid" and "Four Cornered Room". I can relate to that track the most, It makes me think of four corners with four speakers and Quadio's, playing!

Sound quality and mix quality are all excellent. Hard to vote less than a ten!
Further to my previous post, This release has a DR value of 12 (with the silent channels removed). I'm very happy about the lack of compression.

Not complaining but I can't play this via the small Minimus speakers surrounding my computer/workbench without a massive bass cut; the woofers bottom out! Sounds fantastic on my two main systems though, the heavy bass is a hallmark of this type of Funk/Soul.