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Please post your thoughts and comments on this 2020 Blu-Ray release from Roger Waters of his new concert film "US + THEM".
The concert was compiled from four nights of filming in Amsterdam on his 2017-2018 US + THEM tour.

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It had to be a 10 from me both sonically and visually. I only wish I had an Atmos set up, so it was just the 5.1 option for me, but there was good use of the surrounds, maybe not quite as much as there could have been (the Atmos track would no doubt help), and effective use of the LFE to accompany the visuals.

It was great to hear some fresh arrangements of classic Floyd songs rather than note-for-note perfect renditions, and some tracks not played on David Gilmours concerts. The Animals section was particularly welcome and for me ‘Pigs’ was a highlight, a very powerful performance with a new target for its lyrics compared to the original!

It’s a shame the two bonus tracks, which include Comfortably Numb, aren’t incorporated into the main concert, and the packaging is very cheap, but neither niggle is a reason to score it any lower. What a great few weeks it’s been with this, the Nick Mason release and the Steve Hackett release, all 10s from me 👍
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My copy is on its way, but Darren Lock on his prog. review YouTube channel was complaining about too many shots of the audience, with their mouths open (in awe), or singing along.

Any response about that based on your viewing?

I can confirm that the video is full of such audience shots, which really detracted from my enjoyment of the film. I am convinced that these scenes were staged (especially when the audience members - many of them in tears of rapture - seemed to know every word to the songs off his latest solo album), but who knows? Regardless it was a bit too much for me, especially considering all of the on-stage visual elements they could have focused on instead.
My copy is on its way, but Darren Lock on his prog. review YouTube channel was complaining about too many shots of the audience, with their mouths open (in awe), or singing along.

Any response about that based on your viewing?

Yes, there were a lot, but it gave the whole event atmosphere which is often lacking in some concert discs. I could see it not sitting comfortably with some people, but it captures the event from different angles and personalIy I thoroughly enjoyed it. I guess we all have different expectations and tolerances, and its possible I was singing along from the sofa too at times 😉
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Just got it and started watching only up to about quarter of the way though so far so good. Sonically and visually it is very good. It’s good great picture quality with nice dark black etc and the surround sound is top notch. I’m using an Oppo 203 with my trusty old Denon AVR1804 along with a Klipsch center, fronts are Mordant Short Carnival 3’s (yeh they’re really old! but good), Warfdale Delta 30’s (also old) and an el cheapo Sub Woofer. Samsung 50” tv too.
I have now gotten this and i must say that it is fantastic! I think the latest the Wall-concert from Roger was splendid in Atmos and so is this one. In this concert there are parts that i think is from the movie screen behind the stage and not showing the concert itself. For me this is OK as long as it brings something to the music it is good. In an Roger Waters concert there are so many things more than the stage to look at and i think they have done the best to present the concert.
Hi Guys, this is my first post! Thanks to “Live Life In Surround”, I’m a regular reader of these threads...
I watched this Blu-ray at a cinema sized screen in a State of the Art Sound Performance Centre last night with 14 others...So glad I watched it on a BIG screen - it was an awesome experience to try and capture everything while listening (unfortunately only in Stereo). I saw the concert “live” and was restricted in view of the stage when “Dogs” started up! This film gave me a whole new visual experience - seeing everything - truly amazing! I now look forward to watching it at home in 5.1 for the sound...then I will give my first score. 👍🎶🎸😎
Phenomenal picture and sound for a show I greatly enjoyed. The audience shots were a tad goofy, but aside from that the editing and presentation of the show were top notch. One of the few concert videos that truly made me feel like I was there again watching it. I'm giving it a 10 because I feel it's one of the best concert films I've ever seen.
I really am enjoying this however, I just wish that they would keep the concert as it was with ALL the songs and not just the “greatest hits” albeit without CN!!! Bonkers choice. Would have preferred more solo songs than the usual stuff. I guess I was pretty lucky to have been at the last night’s show in Vancouver when they did a whole bunch more from ITTLTYRW? album. It’s possibly becoming a 10 for me though.