What am I hearing?


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Jul 5, 2010
I have played several CDs and DVDs on my Dell Latitude laptop.

At several places on the discs I hear sounds way out to the side, away from the computer.

Discs played include Dune (2021), Dune 2 (2024), The Out Sound from Way In (Perry-Kingsley), and Time is Tight (Booker T & MGs)

What am I hearing?
I've heard the same effect, out of phase content between L & R sounds this way, QS and Dolby Surround more so than SQ encoded content.

(your laptop may be downmixing the discrete surround sound [from the movies] to Dolby Surround)

Kirk Bayne
You can "throw" a sound element way out to the side by taking a mono sound and putting the reverse polarity copy of it in the opposite stereo channel. Think of it as an extreme example snapshot of a stereo pan effect.

Putting a 1st reflection (ie a delayed quieter echo) opposite of a sound source in stereo reinforces our perception of hearing the primary coming from the opposite direction. Brain says: "It's bouncing off a wall over here! Must be coming from over there!"

Polarity reversing a mono sound and putting it to one side is an extreme exaggerated example of this. Brain says: "Polarity reversed... must be a reflection of that primary sound over there." "Whoa that's a loud reflection! I must be really close to the reflection and that primary sound must be WAY over in that direction!"

Something like that anyway.
Flip the wires on one of your stereo speakers and it throws the sound fully to the other (+ polarity) side. Exaggerated to the point it almost sounds like it's coming from outside the room or something.
I know what I am hearing (have done it myself with my Qs recordings). I want to know if it is encoded or unintended.