What have you bought and got a great deal with a black Friday sale?


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This is coming from a nut case who has 9 subs...4 each are 15" (long story behind that, but glad it all came to be). It most definitely makes a difference. It's like driving a V-12 versus a 4 cylinder. You can climb a steep mountain pass at the same speed driving both cars, but the 4 cylinder will be screaming in a lower gear, while the V-12 is barely breaking a sweat...cruising all the way.

It's the same with subs in my opinion. Them 9 subs just cruise at the same level as a single sub, but it cruises right through you. Or if desired, at nearly all the live performances I have been to, the bass is rocking the place...you can take that route too.

I was terminated and made obsolete by Mrs. LB-V the first time I let them all rip. She was silent for several days.

Anyway, I digressed way off topic...couldn't resist.

For Black Friday I bought some string lights for my backyard.

@GOS, definitely NEED. 🤣
When my theater upgrade is complete I’ll have 6 21” subs and 1 33” infrasonic sub! U can never have too many subs!
I admit though, last night, I nearly made a likely regrettable purchase. I had another SVS 2000 subwooder in my cart...I even went as far as going to Paypal and selecting half of the total with cash I had, and the balance charged to my checking account. I was sooooo close.

Luckily, I went to bed and this morning am thankful I didn't buy it. I mean, sure, I'd like 2 subs....but do I really NEED 2 subs?
Yes. Coming from a guy who has 2 sets of those subs on both his surround systems...
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