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A Week in Surround

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Bill Brent

300 Club - QQ All-Star
Apr 13, 2004
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Hi all
Hope you enjoyed our "Paddy's Day" celebration. Next week (beginning Monday at 12:01 AM, March 23, NYC time) we will be presenting a full week - 168 hours or so - of the most beautiful music ever recorded, okay, nothing new there, but we will be doing it in stunning surround sound. Yes, every track we play will surround you with music. While many of these will be the original matrix quad releases from the 1970's - whee ever we could track down true discrete source material, we've used the Involve Audio (a great little Australian outfit) encoder to put these into a format that can be played and enjoyed over stereo radio - but decoded back into surround sound. Even if you have stereo headphones - the matrix system actually tricks the brain into thinking there is sound coming from all directions. If you have a modern home theater system - set the playback to Pro-logic II, sit back, and feel yourself in the middle of the sound field.
It all starts Monday, and it's all beautiful music - no hard stuff, no breaking news, no sports, no politics - and (almost) no commercials
as always - you can find us here -> Radio MaxMusic EZ-Max Pop Up Player