DTS-CD Adobe Audition SQ and QS Script Needed


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Sep 19, 2018
I found an old thread where a (now defunct) link was posted to a script that could extract four .WAV files from a stereo file with embedded SQ encoding - I think it also worked for QS too.

Does anyone have a copy of it? I've recently got a turntable and would like to have a crack at decoding my copy of the Quadrafile album.
I use to work with AA 1.5. Two years ago I decoded a SQ-encoded record finally.
But today I found out that my old SQ-Script flew away in the meantime...
Can anyone help me?
Here are the scripts I had to change the extension to .txt (text) because I couldn't upload it as .scp (script) so you will have to rename it to be able to use it.
The other (sq decoding_last) is a session file, you will have to search for the original thread to see how to use it. I remember it being easier than the script method. Again change the .txt extension to .ses (session).


  • QS Plus.txt
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  • SQ_Lucanu.txt
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  • sq decoding_last.txt
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I just realised that those QS and SQ plus are very old scripts, I don't know why that was all I could find on my hard drive but here is link to SQ final and Auroran. I guess that I could've zipped the files that I posted, I wasn't thinking! The plus scripts were weird ones where he was using the midband compressor to reduce distortion.

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