Alan Parson’s “Ammonia Avenue” on Blu-Ray Audio Disc


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Nice! Love that we're getting the standalone BD at the same time as the box - I guess that means the Eye In The Sky Blu-Ray sold well?

The description confirms a 5.1 mix by Parsons himself:
This Blu-Ray edition features stunning new 5.1 surround sound & stereo mixes of the album, (created from the original multi-track master tapes by ALAN PARSONS) and the promotional videos of “DON’T ANSWER ME” & “PRIME TIME”.
$23 shipped from the label's site ain't bad. Just wondering about rapidity of dispatch, you know?

It's on the Arista/SONY Label so I'm sure it will be available stateside .....

See the source image
I really wish he would concentrate his efforts on completing the 5.1 mixes of his earlier albums. I don't have any interest in anything after TOAFC.
I'm in! If it's Alan Parsons then I am buying. Love the standalone BR coming out at the same time too. There is only one downside to this release and that is that Pyramids isn't next. At least I am one more closer to getting all my fave Parsons in hi-rez BR! As long as as the pipeline remains open I have high hopes for more to come. Colour me :SB.