Ayreon-01011001-Live-Beneath The Waves-May 17, 2024 Release Date


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Bumping this thread. Oddly, Amazon, Popmarket and Deep Discount do not list the BDA, but only the CD/DVD combo.
Links below are for the single BDA. Looks like Moose is coming in the cheapest...and I'm going to order there.

importCD's $17.08
Bull Moose $14.97

The BDA is DTS 5.1 audio according to the link if first post.
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Arrived today.
If ever you need an uplift in life then we could do a lot worse than Arjens musical skill and expertise in lifting your soul to the highest level.

Always liked his style right from my early surround days. This release does not disappoint, it's a banger!!

And he signed my copy.
Cheers 🤟

Stand alone Blu-ray
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