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You've probably all figured out by now that the announced mysterious "mind blowing" Quadio box is Joni Mitchell’s The Asylum Albums and that in fact each of the four individual titles actually includes an Atmos mix too.

Other blu-ray additions from the past week are two reissues with Atmos mixes - firstly, Seal's sophomore album, and also Herbert Grönemeyer's 40 year old Bochum (40th Anniversary).

Finally, The Church's The Hypnogogue, one of the standout streaming titles in Atmos last year, is now available as a download at ImmersiveAudioAlbum.com (no region restrictions on this one).
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The main announcement of the past week has been the release of David Gilmour's new solo album. Luck and Strange is being released with a Dolby Atmos mix on both standalone BD-A and in a big box (TBA), and although these won't be out until September, the first single is already on streaming services.

The next title in Barclay James Harvest's long line of 5.1 recordings is a video of their performance with the Slaithwaite Philharmonic Orchestra last year, Philharmonic! The Orchestral Concert, once again mixed in surround by @Stephen W Tayler.

In Japan, SACD reissues of Steve Hackett's recent recordings continue, this time with the Squackett project and the Surrender of Silence album - again, it can be assumed that the 5.1 mixes are identical to the original ones.

Now one title I have missed, already published in FLAC format via Bandcamp on April 1: Electric Moo - Air Conditioner Duet No. 2, a discrete Quadraphonic release by QQs own @Electric Moo. Thanks for the heads up!

And finally three lossless Atmos downloads via IAA. The first is Sampling With Franny by Richard Houghten, again mixed by @austinsignal, and the others are two albums from The National, First Two Pages of Frankenstein and Laugh Track, again of course, being part of a series of titles from Beggars Group, available only in the US.
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Only one physical addition in the last 7 days? Fortunately, that's not all:)

So, the only material title is a 55 year old Jack Bruce solo album Songs for a Tailor, mixed in 5.1 by none other than @Stephen W Tayler.

But perhaps, like me, you've overlooked the SACD releases of the classical label Base 2 Music, whose latest, early April release is Jean-Baptiste Monnot's Voyage, which was also available as a 5.1 DSD download.

Now, Atmos downloads via IAA are led this time by Susan Wong's new album, which was simultaneously released on SACD, and can be also downloaded in 5.1 (FLAC) and Auro-3D (WAV) formats. The rest comprises another Elektragaaz title this year, two mixes by Chris Bell (Tigermind and Hank Hehmsoth) and already fourth Atmos mix of an album in a row from A Bad Think (now in Auro-3D, too).
Downloads clearly outnumbered newly announced physical releases again in the past week.

While the physical title in question will be available in several editions, it's a live release - Mr. Big will be bringing footage from their recent The BIG Finish Live tour after the summer holidays, both on a double SACD, standard and 4K Blu-rays, using 5.1, Dolby Atmos and Auro-3D formats. Sadly, their latest studio album Ten is going to be released on SACD in stereo only.

This time around, IAA brings Lumens, Birdsong At Morning's 4th EP, completing the 5.1 edition of their Annals of My Glass House set. The Atmos version is due in July. The other downloads are in Atmos: Sweatson Klank's EP Embers and especially the 7X instrumental album from BZ (@BZ Lewis), which you definitely should check out at least on streaming platforms (AM/Tidal).

Oh, one more thing - you can still support the 5.1 Blu-ray release by Look To Windward (@LTW) on Kickstart.
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First I'm seeing of this July release news. What/where is the source?
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We have some major new entries this week!

First, the bigger sets: at the end of June, Fragile, the second Atmos mix for Yes by Steven Wilson, will appear, followed by Mind Games by John Lennon. And, in addition to the Rock 'N' Roll Star! box set, there will be another surround sound option for Bowie's Ziggy Stardust, as a stand-alone BD-A with the Atmos mix is scheduled for release in September.

Tim Bowness has hinted at an announcement of his Powder Dry solo album for next week, but we already know that a CD+DVD-A combo with a 5.1 mix by Steven Wilson should appear sometime in August.

As for downloads, IAA continues the Beggars Group series with Interpol's The Other Side of Make-Believe in lossless Atmos (mkv+mp4).