Ambient on the air?

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Bill Brent

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Apr 13, 2004


Not sure how well known https://www.ambientblog.net is in these parts -
but the owner has posted dozens of surround mixes (in DTS format) all
available for free download - naturally you can donate some coins to
the site, but it's not required.
Since each of these mixes runs about an hour - I was thinking of carving
out part of the overnight hours to play one every few days (for which
he has given his permission) - Naturally these being in DTS prevents a
straight broadcast, so I've taken one, given it the Involve 5.0 treatment,
and have posted it here for comment (along with the DTS original, for

link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6ksedvme7d678m9/AAALIm2bluS4-dLCzi1uHrLja?dl=0

if you're interested in the author's discussion about this mix you
can find it here;

If you have the time - please give this a listen, and post any
comments (positive or otherwise) or any suggestions you may have.



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May 30, 2017
Wow Bill, this is some pretty unusual (read - occasionally spooky/freaky) music and yes; long stretches of ambience.
I've only had a chance to listen to the original so far, but will listen to the QS as soon as I'm able. Not sure how my Quad setup through the SMv2 will handle this 'cause I'm centerless!

Bill Brent

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Apr 13, 2004
here is what you'll find in dropbox now - the DTS original mix, a wav file marked qs - this is made with the Involve encoder - 5 inputs - enhanced mode, the file marked QSV2 is the same set-up with the involve standard mode.
the file marked QSV1 was made with software - standard QS with the center channel mixed at equal volume into the front channels - and finally - the file marked SQ is - you guessed it - a SQ version of the same (again - center channel mixed into the front) - also in the box is the stereo originasl from the author so every type of cross comparison can be made.
one thing I haven't done is a hardware encode to SQ (as the original is 16x44 - the software encoder I use offers no disadvantage over the hardware one I build - so many years ago :)
all comments are welcome.
The original author of the mix was unimpressed with the Involve enhanced encode - he did not feel is much different than his stereo mix. - which is good and bad new actually - bad in that he wasn't impressed - but good in that it does decode nicely with a qs decoder and in stereo - his exact words: "“In my experience, the QS mix sounded quite ‘flat’ compared to the stereo original. It felt a bit like it was a MP3 version in a lower bitrate. At times, I felt the sound was ‘inverted’, turned inside out.” - of course I wanted more than that - so I've done the other mixes. -
my goal is to end up with a 2 channel file that decodes into a reasonable representation of the 5.1 original (of course without the .1) - AND offers an enhanced listening experience in stereo. - so I'm close, but no perfecto yet!.
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Apr 9, 2012
Hi All

YAY to Bill, Our number 1 aim is to get Involve encode into recording studios and radio stations as the new "stereo" so I am very happy to support this project!

Bill has asked me for a brochure of the evaluation modules.......see attached